Into Her Care - Chapter 5

Into Her Care - Chapter 5

Rachel and James returned home as her mom Carmen wanted to have her space back. They sat and waited by her desk, discussing how James would soon meet Rachel's roommate Hailey. She placed James on the ground and told him that she had some errands to run before she would return. There was not a good way to bring him with her, so she asked for him to stay on the ground and safe from harm. As the giantess left the room, James went down to the rug and laid down. He had nothing else to do at the moment, so he decided to take a short nap.

James fell asleep, but he found himself in a strange world. Everything seemed so real and vivid, not like an ordinary dream. He heard a familiar voice call to him, it was Rachel, but as if she were far away. When he rose up, he realized he was not in the world he knew. James could see his girlfriend as a giantess in the distance. She was larger than before, making him seem like an inch tall. Rachel asked him to come to her, explaining to him that this was just a dream, but also a chance to live out his fantasy. He made his way over to her bare feet as she stood like a titan before him. She ordered him to begin worshipping her, and so he did, obeying this new goddess within his dreams.

The little guy thought this was a bit weird. In the real-world Rachel didn't know him like this, and she had no idea about his fantasy. But since this was a dream, he indulged in her demands and got to work on her toe. He reached out and began to pamper her, until he was lifted between the two biggest toes. Rachel eventually sat on the ground and had James hang onto her sole. He loved this feeling of having his girlfriend act as a goddess to him. Rubbing his tiny body against her sole, he finally lost his grip until he fell to the hard ground. Hurt from the fall, Rachel stood up and began to laugh at the little guy, not showing any compassion at all. He was hurt and couldn't move much, and now the giantess saw him as useless. She decided to dispose of him with the very object he desired. Looking up in terror, James could see a giant foot cover his vision. And within an instant he felt it come crashing down on him, crushing him into nothing.

Upon this happening, James woke up with a scream. The dream was so real, that it was still running through his head after he had woken up. Before he could convince himself that it was not real, his thoughts were interrupted as a giantess walked into the room. It was Rachel's roommate Hailey. She had got home early and immediately went over to her desk to do some things on her laptop. Sitting down, she had no idea of the little man on the ground with his eyes looked on her. James crawled over to Hailey's chair and watched as she eventually kicked off her shoes, revealing her socked feet. When the smelly scent began to fill the air, it was already too late for him. He was lured in and went over to investigate the odor within each of her shoes. At this point, all James could do was strive for more. Like a tiny pervert, he crawled into one of Hailey's shoes and started to play with himself, all while soaking in the moist insole and powerful stench.

A few minutes later Rachel came home, surprised to see Hailey here so soon. Hailey was excited to see her, but Rachel was more concerned. She asked her roommate for some space, so she could look for James, not wanting to reveal him to her yet. Walking over to her shoes, Hailey slipped her foot down right where James was laying. She inserted it fully until she realized that something wasn't right, and she pulled her foot out with a scream before James was crushed. At first, she thought it was a mouse, but Rachel knew exactly who it was. She ran over and begged Hailey not to hurt him. They got closer to see him hiding in the dark smelly shoe with a guilty face. Hailey wondered why he was here, but Rachel just thought that her boyfriend was confused from the shrinking again. She took him out and laid him on her hand so she could explain the situation to her roommate. But as this went on, Hailey noticed James was aroused. She confronted him, but all this did was send James into a panic. He felt himself get dizzy as he passed out in Rachel's palm.

After passing out, James found himself in the same dreamworld as before, only this time he was much smaller. He woke up surrounded by a pair of giant feet. It was his girlfriend Rachel once again, looking down at the bug sized man. Just like the last dream, James was ordered to worship her. He climbed up her toes until he made it to the big toe. From there, Rachel began to demonstrate the protection spell she put on her tiny man. Squishing him between her toes, James was able to enjoy the sensation of the giant flesh without being hurt. She eventually let him go and then laid on her stomach, giving the little man a chance to climb onto her soles. He gladly obeyed and embraced his fantasy, worshipping his goddess and her divine feet. She allowed him to also play around, instructing him to make love with her soles and arches. James began humping the giant mound of flesh, losing control of his senses in this dream that seemed so real. Rachel ordered him to give in, wanting to see him cum, and started to give him a countdown.

The countdown didn't reach the end before James found himself waking up back in the room. He found himself on the desk, stroking his hard cock. But what surprised him more now was that Hailey was watching him do this. It seemed that Rachel had left the room for a second, and her roommate was left to watch over him. She leaned in and started to question him, asking what he was doing and why he was in her shoe earlier. But before she could get any answers, the little guy jumped up at her and caused her to fall out of her seat. Now on the floor, James could see Rachel's bare feet within his sight. He wanted to get off, to give into his fetish in real life, and his dream was still in his mind, pushing him to do something with Hailey. He crawled towards her and pressed his face into her toes and his dick into her sole. Hailey saw this and reacted in disgust, but when she moved the little guy latched onto her big toe and continued to violate her. He went wild, fucking her toes and licking her feet. There was no control left anymore.

As this was happening, the door swung open and Rachel came in, only to be surprised by what was happening now. She saw how James was attached to Hailey's foot, and her roommate tried to argue that she could not stop him. Shaking her leg didn't do anything as he held on tightly, while continuing to hump between her toes. Quickly, he was able to come to an orgasm, spraying cum all over Hailey's foot. He released his grip and laid on the ground breathing heavily. With his donation given to Hailey, the two girls wondered what they had just witnessed. It was unreal and confusing, but there was no denying what they had both seen. They could tell that James was enjoying whatever he was doing down at her foot, and the little guy didn't seem to have a care in the world as he was happy to finally embrace his true desire to be a foot pet in this giant world.

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