Land of Magical Ladies - Chapter 7

Land of Magical Ladies - Chapter 7

Desiree walked into her office at work, ready to start the day, but with something different than usual. Today she had her shrunken 2 inch man trapped inside her panties. She had put Tom there hoping it would be fun to bring him to the office, but what she didn't realize was how hard it was about to be to have him there while she worked. The first thing she did was go over to her desk and sit down. Before she could open any emails though, her cousin Andrea walked in and greeted her. While they gave each other a hug, Desiree felt something down by her pussy. It was the little guy, and he had began to be naughty with her at the worst time possible. They went over to the couch to discuss their days and catch up with each other. But this was when Tom really started to become too much to handle. He crawled inside Desiree's vagina and started to squirm like he did the night before.

In that moment, Desiree let out some noises that she could not control. Right in front of her cousin she was now acting strange, while Andrea had no idea of the shrunken guy playing around inside her. She excused herself and ran off to the bathroom, not knowing if she was going to be able to handle herself after being brought back to the feeling of what Tom had done for her before. Desiree made it to the bathroom and slammed the door behind her. She couldn't stop herself from quickly ripping off her clothes and helping her shrunken man please her body. Tom bounced around and vigorously moved every limb to satisfy his goddess. The giantess allowed this and continued with him until eventually taking him out. She didn't want this to end, but there was work to do, so she had to think of a new place to put Tom where he wouldn't be able to distract her. And so she thought placing him in her bra was the next best idea.

Before she could do this though, Andrea walked into the bathroom, wanting to check in with her cousin. Desiree was shocked, but was able to hide the little man behind her ass just in time. She denied that anything was going on and simply told Andrea that she would be right out in a minute. Now the giantess was able to hide Tom next to her boobs as she planned, and walked back out to the office. When Desiree made it back out, Andrea could not stop hounding her with questions, curious as to what was going on. Just when things seemed normal finally, Desiree once again made a strange noise. This time it was from the little guy playing around with her nipple. Tom took it upon himself to rub his whole body and do what he could to stimulate the giantess. She moaned out again, but this time her cousin knew there was something up. Andrea grabbed Desiree's boob, thinking something weird was going on, which caused him to fall out and eventually all the way to the ground.

Now on the ground, Tom saw this new goddess within his reach. He had been trained previously to greet any new woman he would meet, and so he did the same with Andrea. While the girls continued to argue, the little guy made his way over to Andrea's foot, while they were unaware of this. He climbed up and started to worship her toes, causing her to look down and freak out at what she thought was a bug on her foot. Desiree stopped her before she would hurt Tom and finally decided to explain what was really happening. She told her cousin all about how she found the shrunken guy and the things that he had done for her. While they talked about this, an unexpected person entered the room. It was Andrea's mom Paula, who was the boss in this office. This surprised Andrea, and it caused her to drop the little guy, as he fell between her breasts. Paula had asked to see her daughter privately and so they went into the other room, bringing Tom along too.

Since Andrea wasn't wearing a bra, the little guy quickly fell, landing perfectly inside her pink panties. This was a dream come true for Tom, because now he could also please this woman just like he would with Desiree. As the two women talked, the naughty man crawled into Andrea's pussy and begun to do what he was best at. This caused the giantess to start doing the exact same thing her cousin was doing a few minutes before. She felt the insane amount of pleasure the little guy was bringing her, and could not handle herself for much longer. Andrea asked her mom if she could run to the bathroom, and so she left the room with haste and went into the bathroom with the shrunken man. Andrea's world was turned upside-down. It felt like nothing she had experienced before, in a good way. Whatever this tiny thing was doing, it felt amazing. She undressed and allowed herself to enjoy this moment, helping Tom out by fingering herself. Eventually she knew she would have to stop and go back, so she took the little man out of her pussy and decided to put him back in the back of her panties, between her butt cheeks for now.

Andrea's plan was to go home. She told her mom that she was not feeling well, but it was all just an excuse to take Desiree's shrunken man home. Before leaving she promised to bring him back, but insisted this was the best idea, incase Tom would find another way to escape and do the same thing with one of their clients perhaps. This seemed like it was better to get him away from the office. When Andrea got home the first thing she did was run straight to her bedroom and remove her clothes. She grabbed her black dildo from her bedside table and laid down on the bed with Tom. She placed him down on her nipple as she furiously played with herself. Tom took advantage of this and rubbed his tiny body all over the giant nipple. Soon, Andrea could feel an orgasm come to her, but she didn't want to stop. She dropped Tom down on her dildo and inserted it inside her with the little guy. From there he did the thing that turned her on so much and caused her to climax again and again until she was exhausted.

Afterwards, Andrea laid on her bed breathing heavily. She wanted to treat Tom to the same satisfaction as her, so she asked him to come over to her mouth. He quickly obeyed and climbed up her jaw to reach her lips. With his hard dick, he rubbed himself off until he would cum between her lips. When he reached his finish, the giantess grabbed him and held him tightly as she swirled her tongue all over his tiny body, licking up every bit of his donation in the process. It was such a wonderful time for the both of them. And Andrea would of never let this end if it wasn't for feeling tired. She knew there were things she still wanted to do today so she got up and started to dress, asking Tom to stay put for now. But Tom didn't plan on staying her on the bed. He ran to the side and jumped off right as another figure was entering the room.

This time it was Andrea's daughter Ana, who had come in because she was wondering what her mom was doing home at such a time. Normally Andrea would be working now, but she had to explain that she was not feeling well at work and went home. As they talked to each other, Tom was on the ground, wanting to greet this new girl just like he did with Andrea at the office earlier. He ran over to her foot and climbed into her smelly shoe. It seemed like she had just got back from a jog and was wearing her shoes without socks. This was something Tom could notice immediately as he made his way down her foot. Ana didn't realize because her feet were already so sweaty that the little guy didn't seem like anything. Afterwards she left for the bathroom, ready to take a bath and enjoy the rest of her day.

Ana walked into the bathroom and started off by removing her shoes first. She started the water in the bathtub and continued to undress as the little guy crawled out from the show to admire this new view. Tom watched as the eighteen-year-old girl got naked and made her way to the bath. Before she would climb inside, the little guy was lucky enough to grab one of her toes at the last minute and hang on until she brought it inside the tub. Now he was in the warm water with this new goddess. Although she was still unaware of him, it wouldn't be long until the little guy would find a way to get noticed. But this was where he was at now in this land of magical ladies, and Tom loved every bit of it, exploring this world and doing what he loved best with these giant women.

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