Found at the Gym - Chapter 13

Found at the Gym - Chapter 13

This chapter starts off with Libby walking back into the living room to find Amanda dominating the smaller woman Amber. She plucks her from the table and instructs them that they are going home with her. They all leave Amber's apartment and head back to Libby's home where nobody would have a chance to find them. First of all, they walk into the bedroom, where Pete, Sara, Rachel, and Amanda are dumped onto the bed. The giantess decides to make Amanda bigger, so she can watch the three tinies while she goes for a walk with Amber trapped in her shoe. Libby leaves the room and Amanda takes advantage of her new size to force Pete, Sara, and Rachel to pleasure her. This goes on until Libby comes here, where she finally removes Amber from her shoe, and humiliates her with her mouth for a few scenes. Afterwards she leaves Amber on the couch and joins her other tinies in her bedroom. Before walking in, Amanda had ordered Pete to cum on her, and so he did, but afterwards she forced Sara and Rachel's faces into her giant pussy to lick it off. While this is happening Libby comes in to reclaim her shrunken pets. She kicks the quarter size Amanda out of her room and grows herself to 10 feet talll. From here she has her way with her tiny slaves as a giantess, using all of them at once to satisfy her needs, before eventually sealing them all inside her for the rest of the night.

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