John's Size Implant - Chapter 3

John's Size Implant - Chapter 3

After a long day taped of being taped to a sandal, John continues to endure the overpowering sensations of his step-sister's feet. Ava returns home looking for home, entering his room. She doesn't see him but wants to talk to him so she goes over to his bed to wait. She turns on a video game and kicks off her sandals. This cases the tape to break and the tiny man falls to the floor. He gets up and realizes he needs get her attention while he is the size of a bug. John makes his way over while Ava is distracted by the game. Climbing over obstacles, he makes it to the side of the bed where her feet are hanging down. The little guy approaches his step-sister's feet in a craze, but as soon as he does, she lifts them onto the bed. Now he must climb up the side to reach her.

Upon getting to the top of the bed, the room door opens and in comes John's other step-sister Kristal. She lies to Ava, telling her that John will be home late. But unknown to her, John is tiny at her feet trying to get her attention. Before she can feel him, she moves and gets up, leaving the room. Now alone in the room with her shrunken step-brother, Kristal searches for a moment before opening the size app on her phone. She restores John to his original size, only to be digusted by seeing his aroused penis. Immediately she leaves the room, leaving John naked and full size in his, as if nothing happened the whole day. He then went to sleep, dreaming of the heavenly place he spent all day in.

The next morning John walked out into the dining room to find his father and step-mom. David told John that he would be gone for a week, and was upset with how he had not been answering his texts. He didn't know that John had been trapped and too tiny to contact him. As he leaves, Barbara turns her attention towards John and informs him that he will be coming to work with her. She pulls out her phone and shrinks her step-son down to 1% of his original size. Crawling out of his giant clothes, John finds a pair of feet standing next to him in high heels with nylons. It's his step-mom and she picks him up from the ground, stuffing him into her stocking quickly. John falls down, but is ordered to climb towards her toe area. He willingly agrees as he positions himself between her toes. Now with the little guy trapped once again, she leaves for work, forcing John to inhale her scent with every step.

They arrive at the office, and Barbara soon kicks off her heels. She raises her legs up on the desk to laugh at little guy. He is obviously excited from being where he was, but now he is ordered to make his way out. John crawls up his step-mom's leg, grinding his dick along her flesh as the tight nylons keeps him pressed up against her. He finally makes it out and Barbara grabs him, before quickly dropping him on the floor. She grows him to about 12% of his original size and instructs him on how the day is going to go. Barbara tells John how she has a long day ahead with many meetings, but he was going to be down on the ground by her feet this entire time. She pins him to the ground with her stockings, giving him a tease of how today was going to be. John could not help but have a hard on for this as his step-mom notices.

Barbara gets to work, playing with her step-son like a little toy under her desk as she works on her computer. Her first meeting begins with a coworker named Cindy. When she comes in she is fully unaware of what is happening below. They discuss a problem with another client who has been having problems with their shrunken man, and as they come up with ideasa, John's thoughts begin to run wild. He fantisized of being this little guy, in need of training, and he can't help himself but cum all over his step-mom's feet as she playfully stroked his cock with her toes. The meeting came to an end and Cindy left the room, leaving Barbara and John alone once again.

Using her two feet, Barbara picks up John and plops him on the desk. She orders the little guy to worship her feet as she relaxes for a moment with her legs raised up. John had no idea, but his step-mom was actually training him to become a full time shrunken man. Yes this was his fantasy, but John wanted a normal life too. With the way things were going though, he was well along the way to being trained to want to be here permanently, and hid body seemed to have no control over it. Even if he was put in charge of the size app, it seemed like this is where he would find himself. His old life was becoming a past dream as he continued to give into the demands of his step-mom.

Some time had passed and it was time to get back to work. Barbara put the little guy back on the ground and continued where she left off with work, all while having her step-son pamper her feet. She used him as a toy, teasing his tiny body with gentle, sensational strokes. Unexpectedly, Ava came into the room. She wanted to ask her mom about John and whether or not she knew anything. Barbara lied to her though, saying she didn't know a thing, but in reality she was the one holding him underneath her desk. She played with his hard dick, while tellinlg Ava she had no idea. They talked about some situations that made John's mind go crazy again, and he could not help but orgasm to the thought of Ava's stinky socks. Ava left the room, unaware of where John really was, off to a double shift for work. Afterwards, Barbara looked down at John and told him there was still a long day ahead. She continued to dominate him the whole day all while she worked.

Later that evening after returning him, Barbara was sitting on the couch in her pajamas. She had removed her stockings so she had John worshipiing her bare feet while she browsed on her phone. John somehow was still keeping up, after working all day on his step-mom's feet. But it was not the end yet. Barbara had planned something special for her step-son tonight. She told him all about how Kristal would be going out to party and dance, and how he was going to go with her. A few minutes later, Kristal came out of her room, with her make up on and dressed for a night out on the town in a dress and high heels, she was excited to take her step-brother with her.

Kristal went out in the living room to find John down at her mom's feet. She was excited to take him along. She raised her foot up on the table and instructed him to come over and greet her. John willingly crawled over to his giant step-sister as Barbara and Kristal talked between each other. They thought he wasn't small enough though, so Barbara used her size app once again to shrink her step-son down to 1% of his original size. They both laughed, seeing how helpless and tiny John was now. He was ordered to climb between Kristal's toes, and so he did quickly. One thing that worried them was if John might of been able to escape. Kristal had an idea to tape him down to her shoe, just like what she did with Ava the day before.

Barbara loved this idea and so they grabbed a piece of tape and securely put their little man right where he belonged. John was taped to the shoe in an area where his dick would rub up against his step-sister's sole. Her toes would cover all around him, making it almost completely dark all around. The outside world would know nothing of his existence. And so now Kristal was ready. She said goodbye to her mom for the night and started to walk off. She could already feel her step-brother's hard dick grind against her. Unlike yesterday, she allowed it, knowing that this would be another day of training to make him desire to be here permanently. With his father gone all week, it didn't seem like John was going back to a normal life any time soon.

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