Diminishing Away - Chapter 6

Diminishing Away - Chapter 6

Tim woke up in an unknown room, after being trapped within his step-mom's bra all night. She had rented a hotel room for the night as she was out partying late the night before. Feeling as if this could be his chance to run, he makes his way out from her breasts and runs towards the edge of the bed. He is almost stopped as her gigantic feet move as she rolls around in her sleep. Luckily she remains sleeping and he is able to make his way to the floor. On the ground now, he walks by her high heels, which reek of sweat from the night before. He hopes to never go near them again. As he tries to think of a way to hide he is interupted as Pam wakes up.

She immediately puts her hands on her head, feeling hungover because of how much she drank. Without thinking of Tim she gets up and goes to the bathroom. Tim had nowhere else to hide so he ran into her smelly shoe as she walked by him. When things got quiet he left and went to investigate how his step-mom was doiing. She didn't seem to be in the best mood. He hid by the bathroom as she walked out and back to the bed where she soon realized Tim was missing. Suddenly there was an angry energy in the room, and Pam threatened her step-son to return to her or else. Tim could feel the frustration in her voice, and as he shrunk down a tiny bit more, he realized he needed to get to her, because she was getting increasingly mad.

Not wanting to be punished worse than he already was going to be, the shrunken man ran over to his step-mom and started to bang on her toes. Luckily for him, she felt the tiny hands, but when she saw him her anger came out. Pam lifted her foot and brought it down on Tim, smothering him into the carpet with her stinky sole. Unlike other times before, she seemed hostile, and the little man was actuallyl scared for his life. She quit toying around a few moments later and ordered Tim to get inside of her high heel. They were going to leave the hotel, and this was the start of his punishment. Reluctantly, he jumped into her foul smelling shoe and waited as her dirty feet entered. He was trapped inside the dark and humid heel as Pam walked out of the room.

They came down to the reception area where Pam was checking out of her hotel with a girl named Megan. As they conversed, Tim took it upon himself to try and escape one more time. Fearing for his life, he figured this had to be done. Somehow he was able to wiggle himself out from underneath Pam's toes, and climlb out of the high heel without her noticing. Now on the ground in this gigantic world, Tim ran straight for this girl Megan. He figured he would need to get her attention, but not now. With no other option, he decided to climb inside her shoe, where he could wait for a better time to contact her. He entered unnoticed and sat and waited as the girl went about her day.

A few hours went by, longer than Tim expected as he rode along inside the intesely disgusting shoe. But Megan finally returned home, and kicked off her shoes as she entered her apartment. Quickly, she went over to her couch and sat down, happy to be done with work, and now on vacation for the next two weeks. Tim caught some fresh air and started to think of a plan. He was extremely happy to be out of the shoe and away from his step-mom. But now he had to get this girl's attention if he wanted to get help. He went over to the couch where she was on her phone. Unaware of the tiny man in her home, she got on the phone with her friend and started to have a chat.

Megan talked on the phone as Tim closed in. She had her feet planted on the rug, and Tim saw this as a chance to contact her. The girl was wearing a pair of nylons, which were perfect for the shrunken man to climb up. Tim wanted to get to her knee so she would have a better chance of realizing what he was. As he made his way up her leg, he almost got to where he wanted to be, but before then she put her feet up on her coffee table and the little man lost his grip. He didn't fall down to the ground, rather he found himself on her coffee table as her giant feet hung out around him. The powerful smell made it hard for him to think of what to do. Before he could act though, she stood up from the couch and went to the bathroom.

Tim decided to wait where he was until Megan came back. She was now off her phone, but also dressed down to only her bra and panties. Now the little guy was afraid that she might think that he was creeping on her. As she came back to the couch she placed her bare feet up on the table, still without realizing the shrunken man was there. This was the best chance Tim had, he went over and tried to hit her heel, hoping to be felt. His heart sank as the giant girl looked at him in shock, realizing what he actually was. This was what Tim hoped for, but now he prayed that she wouldn't take advantage of this situation like his step-mom and step-sister.

It was the perfect scenario. Megan was of course surprised by the tiny man, but she had no intentions of hurting him.

She had a gentle energy and didn't invade his space as she moved in herself to get a better look. It was obvious Tim was trying to tell her something but she could not hear him. She offered out her hand and asked if he could climb in. Tim accepted her peaceful offer and got into her hand so he could tell her his story. Megan brought the little guy closer to her ear and listened to every single word he had to say. Afterwards, she was shocked. She couldn't believe that Tim was being treated in the ways he was, and all she wanted now was to help him. She agreed to take him to Dr. Adams the next morning, so she found a safe place to keep him for the night and they eventually went to sleep.

The next morning the two waited in the doctor's office. Luckily they were able to get an apartment first thing with Dr. Adams. As she walked into the room she was confused as to why Megan marked her visit as an emergency. Without wasting any time, she revealed the shrunken man. Dr. Adams was as surprised as Megan was when she saw how small Tim was. She got a closer look at him before scooping him up with her two fingers. Now, things started to feel weird as the doctor tried to convince Megan that she might be infected with the same thing that caused Tim to shrink. She was confused as to why Pam or Alison did not shrink, and Tim knew that Dr. Adam's was lying about something. She brought Tim to her desk and ordered Megan to dress down in order to receive a shot.

Worried about shrinking, Megan listened to the doctor and waited for her treatment. Dr. Adam's filled a syringe with a strange liquid and injected it into the girl. As Megan looked over at the desk she suddenly realized that this was a huge mistake. She could see Tim jumping and screaming as if he was warning her about something. But now it was already too late. In an instant, Megan was shrunk down to only a few inches tall. And if that was not bad enough, the situation intensified as someone else entered the room. It was Pam, and she seemed angry. It turned out, Pam and Dr. Adam's were working together the whole time. She went over to the desk and picked up her step-son, radiating with her scary energy. Now, the two were trapped, under the power of these evil women. They placed Tim next to Megan and told him that she would now be his caretaker. Since she was only a few inches tall, she was the perfect size to watch out for Tim as he continued to shrink smaller and smaller.

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