The University Test Subject - Chapter 9

The University Test Subject - Chapter 9

The chapter starts off with Matt who is still with Shelby, the dean of the school. She brings her giant legs up on the table and tells the one inch man to climb onto her foot. The little man obeys and gets between her toes, worshiping them in the process. Shelby is happy to tell her pet that he had passed all tests and today he would return to Summer, but only after rewarding him first. Still stuck between her toes, Matt is scrunched between them, turning him on in the process. Eventually his owner comes into the classroom to find the two having their fun. She spots Matt and decides to help him get to where Shelby wants him. Using just one finger, Summer grinds Matt's body against the dean's big toe until he cums all over it.

Satisfied with the little guy, Shelby tells Summer that he had passed all of his tests and that she could take him home for the week. She was overly excited and mentioned that she was going to meet with her friends at their private outdoor waterfront. Leaving the school, Summer grabbed Matt and left the classroom. When she arrived at Lynn's place, she grew Matt back to a foot tall and striped down to her bikini. The two went outside to see Lynn and Amber already enjoying the sunny day. Matt had not met Amber before so they were introduced to each other. Amber was also an 18 year old freshman just like Lynn, and she didn't believe the stories about Summer's little guy. She had to see it for herself how much he was into feet.

Summer went over to her seat, telling Matt to start off with Lynn. The giantess looked down at the tiny man as he climbed onto her chair, staring directly at her soles. When the little man got close, he instantly could smell the scent of this girl's hot sweaty feet. Like a good slave he dove right in and begun to worship like he was supposed. He made Lynn giggle, licking the bottom of her toes and pulling her foot towards his body. Matt loved the feeling of the sticky and extremely toxic flesh all over his body. Lynn took it upon herself to play with him, teasing him with her feet by rolling him all over the chair. It wasn't long until she noticed his shrunken boner responding to this dominate behavior of hers. Deviously, she started to toy with his penis, taking it between her toes and rubbing them up and down.

To Lynn's left, Amber was watching curiously. She still couldn't believe her eyes, watching this shrunken man obey so well, and loving this experience. Normally she was used to men hating how disgusting her feet would get, but Matt was a first for her, being the only one that didn't just not mind it, but enjoy it. She stood up and brought her toes over to Matt and planted them directly on his face. Instantly she could feel him slobbering all over every area she offered to him. This happened as Lynn was still massaging his penis with her other foot. Wanting to have him all to her own, Amber went back over to her chair and sat down, inviting Matt to join her.

Even though Matt was loving his time with Lynn, he wanted to please the new goddess as well. Lynn knew the little guy wouldn't resist, and allowed him to run over to her, climbing onto her friend's chair. The little guy quickly crawled over to Amber's foot and began licking the tops of her toes. She used her other foot to push his face in, making sure he got into the deep areas. In many ways, Matt's experience was similar with Amber than it was with Lynn. Only Amber seemed to embrace how much he enjoyed this. She pinned him down with her feet and stroked his hard cock furiously with her toes. The shrunken man only felt like he was about to lose it, feeling insane amounts of stimulation from the giantess. Eventually Summer looked over and asked her to stop before it was too late. She still wanted her pet to have some fun with her so she asked her little guy to come over to his true goddess.

Matt grabbed onto Summer's leg and held it tight as she swung it back over to her chair. From there she sat up and turned around, giving him a magnificent view of her ass as she knelt down with her feet planted next to him. She instructed him to have some fun himself, wanting to show off to the girls how much her tiny slave enjoyed making love to her feet. Without any questions, Matt got right to it, leaning into Summer's foot and humping her sole. Lynn and Amber got up to come watch, giggling as they watched Matt act like a freak before their eyes. He didn't seem to care though as he took advantage of this moment to pleasure himself with his owner's divine feet. Before he would orgasm though, she stopped him and stood up from her chair. The girls thought it would be a good time to go inside now, so they grabbed Matt and walked away from their sun chairs.

They all came into the sauna, which was Lynn's idea, as they thought it would be the perfect place to all dominate their shrunken boy at once. As the girls sat next to each other, Matt climbed up, heading straight for Amber's feet as he was instructed to. He grabbed onto her foot and stuffed his face into the sweatiest area beneath her toes. He spread them apart, licking between them and making the giantess giggle. It wasn't long until the girls were getting jealous. Lynn got closer and planted her feet next to the little guy as well, asking for him to perform his services on her next. It was like a dream for Matt to pamper all of these college girls, along with his goddess Summer. He put his face under Lynn's toes as well and went at it.

It wasn't long until Lynn decided to get a big naughty and started to play with the little guy's cock once again. She pinned him down and started to rub his penis, while making him worship the sole of her other foot. Summer wanted to join in on the fun and moved her feet in too so she could pleasure her shrunken pet. Wanting to join the girls, Amber soon came close as well and did the same with her feet. From every direction, Matt was being smothered, forced to worship, and played with by one of the girl's toes. His senses were becoming overwhelmed with the toxic scent, salty taste, and perfect warm flesh. He was truly in heaven, and soon his dick would not be able to take it anymore.

Summer stood up and stepped over to the top side of Matt, asking her friends if they would tease his dick for a moment. She eventually brought her smelly toes right down on his face as Lynn and Amber both rubbed his penis between their toes. The little guy couldn't take it any longer. His climax had built up long enough, and eventually he exploded with cum pumping everywhere. The orgasm seemed to last forever as his load spilled on each of their toes. All the girls giggled and watched as it looked like his body was shaking, but it was only him having the most powerful orgasm of his life.

When the moment died down, the girls decided it would be time to go. Amber and Lynn said goodbye to Summer and then to Matt as they left the sauna room. The shrunken man watched their asses fade away in the distance, hoping that they would all hang out soon. Now, he would go home with his real goddess Summer, where she would have her way with him one on one.

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