Fiona's Halloween Treats - Chapter 2

Fiona's Halloween Treats - Chapter 2

Due to being a Halloween themed series, this comic is a bit more dark than my usual.

Richard tried to meet with the witch Fiona after hearing many dark stories about her. Instead of taking it upon himself to defeat her, he decides to try and become friends. They form a neutral partnership and Fiona offers to brew an elixir for the knight which would help him reach immortality. He loves the idea of this and without asking many other questions, agrees to drink her strange liquid. Once consumed, the knight falls to his knees and everything goes dark.

When he wakes up, Richard finds himself in a strange dim place. He feels a cold breeze on his body, realizing that his armor is gone and that he is naked. Looking around he notices three other men who seem to be as confused as he is. They glare around in this empty space, noticing only one thing, each other and a giant chair standing like a mountain in front of them. Soon though, they see an object flying in the distance, like a dragon of some sort. But once it gets closer they realize exactly what it is. It's Fiona, in a succubus form. She is roughly 10% of the size of the chair, but compared to these men she is still a giantess. Landing next to them, Fiona greets them and explains that they are all part of her realm now. She laughs to herself as she watches the little men's eyes all turn to despair. They were tricked into drinking this elixir and now were at the witch's mercy.

Fiona moves in, getting on all fours in an attack position. Instinctively, two of the tiny men try to run, but the other two stay put and drop to their knees. She reaches out and grabs one of the fleeing men named Lionel. Just like the other men here, Lionel was a knight who tried to befriend the witch, and just like them all he had also made this mistake. To set an example at first, Fiona flies up into the air while holding the tiny man and drops him from a high position. The little guy falls from what seems like an impossibly high distance and lands on the rough floor. He screams out in pain until Fiona comes down as well, landing on his back with her heel. She made sure to make these pets durable, but not too strong where they would not die. Lionel was feeling all the pain all while staying alive, it was a perfect way for the witch to torture her new slaves.

Wanting to reveal what she really looks like in this world, Fiona gets off Lionel and yells down at the small men, telling them that this was just an example of what is to come for disobedience. After that, she starts to cast a spell, pulling the light from the room towards her and changing her form. As she lost her succubus features Fiona became human. Not only that, she also started to grow to a colossal size. Now they understood why that chair was so big in the first place, it was the perfect size for the witch when she returned to her regular state. Fiona sat down and ordered the bug sized slaves to come worship her feet. Understanding that there was nothing they could do, they all complied, except for Lionel who was still lying in pain. She toyed with her new pets using her toes, flinging them around and smothering them under her soles. Two little men managed to get on top of her toes, but she found a way to still make them feel pain by pushing her toe into her other sole. It was all amusing for Fiona until she decided to play a different game.

She grabbed one of the tiny men named Gareth, who was wedged between her toes and brought him closer to her face. Pinched between her fingers she licked her lips before tossing him into her mouth. For a brief moment she played with him using her tongue, but quickly threw him to the back of her throat and swallowed. From below the remaining victims were shocked. Chills went through their bodies, realizing that this witch was going to be nothing but cruel to them, all while enjoying it herself. She then turned her attention towards Lionel who seemed to still be laying where she had left him. He didn't get up to worship her feet like she asked a moment ago and this made her angry. Picking up the little guy she held him between her fingers and started to lick his body. He screamed as knew his time was coming soon. It didn't take long for the giantess to become bored of this before finally finishing him off as well. Now only two men remained, in disbelief that this witch had just devoured half of them so fast and casually.

One of the little men named Gareth could not take this anymore. He thought he could try running but was quickly stopped by Fiona. She picked him up and held him in the palm of her hand, raising him high in the sky. Unlike the first two that she held between her fingers before plopping them in her mouth, sky titled her hand, allowing him to slide off and fall through the air. He felt lucky, being able to grab onto her lip and not fall right into her mouth right away. But his grip didn't hold up and he lost it, becoming the next treat for the witch. Richard continued watching from the ground, becoming increasingly afraid because he was the only one left. When Fiona turned her attention towards him he froze. Luckily though, she had other plans for him, and instead of eating him like the rest of her slaves so quickly, the giantess offered the little guy a chance to play a game. With no other option, Richard listened in.

The game was to climb across Fiona's giant body, starting from her foot all the way to her forehead. It sounded like a better option than becoming the next snack so he sprinted over to her toes and began the climb. At first it was hard, getting up the incline of her leg, but once making it to the knee Richard thought he was at least amusing his goddess. He made it across her torso and between her giant breasts, trying his best to keep his head on the prize. When he made it to her neck, Fiona gave him one last request. While crossing her face she wanted him to jump over her open mouth. She opened her jaw wide and waited for Richard to make his move. Praying that this would be it, he made the leap of faith and luckily crossed the last obstacle of this journey. Fiona even seemed happy that he made it all the way through. Now that he won, the witch agreed not to eat him. It was a great victory indeed, but that only meant there would be more games from the giantess that would test his strength.

Fiona put the little guy on the ground and thought to herself for a second. If she couldn't taste him there had to be another fun way to torment him. Turning around, she showed him her backside and started to lower herself. Now, Richard felt like all that energy was put to waste. He thought passing her challenge would be enough to survive, but it didn't seem like that changed anything, only the way he would go. Running from his life, the tiny man tried to escape the descending ass, but he was no match for it. Fiona slammed her ass on the ground, smashing the insignificant bug without any resistance. His body must of popped within in instant. This was mostly an accident on her part as she wanted to make him feel pain, although it was not the end of things for Richard.

After being crushed, Richard awoke back in Fiona's lab. He thought that everything was just a vivid dream, and when he saw her he tried to complain that she didn't mention this bad dream he had. The witch told him that he was foolish for trusting her, and that he could leave at any time if he wanted. Afraid for his life, Richard ran out of the room, but when he opened the door his heart sank when he realized what was going on. It seemed that he was resurrected and placed back in Fiona's world, only this time much much smaller. He walked out of the lab in disbelief to find himself approaching a monstrous naked goddess. Everything she told him was actually true. The elixir would grant him immortality but in the most darkest way possible. He was sentenced to an eternity in Fiona's realm, only to serve her as his giantess and to endure whatever torture she felt like. Picking him up, Fiona held him in her hand before throwing the tiny speck into her mouth. Like the other men he was devoured, only to wake up and do it over and over again for the rest of time.

80 pages total.

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