Found at the Gym - Chapter 12

Found at the Gym - Chapter 12

Libby had just got done with an intense workout at the gym. She had shrunken Sara and Rachel in each of her shoes and teased them for a moment before slipping them back on. The tiny girls were trapped in their smelly and dark prison as the giantess began to leave the locker room. On her way out, Libby ran into Amber who had been looking for her since yesterday. She had the shrinking device and was ready to shrink Libby down with it. But before she could she demanded to know where her daughter was. It was in this moment that Libby took this chance to try and attack Amber. She surprised her and knocked the device out of her hands and the two fought to gain control of it. In the end Libby was able to snag it and shrink Amber down. With the roles reversed, Amber now feared for her life, regretting the stupid mistake of not shrinking Libby down right away.

With the tiny woman in hand and size device back in her hands, Libby left the gym and went over to Amber's house where she had learned that Pete was waiting for them. Pete was sitting out in the dining room with shrunken Amanda on the table. When Libby came in he was surprised to see that she had the device and turned into a defensive position. Libby didn't take any chances though and shrunk Pete down to a quarter of his original size. Afterwards she dropped Amber on the table next to Amanda and turned her attention towards Pete. Amber was now about half the size of Amanda so she was treated like a tiny person by her. Libby figured she could leave the two as she grabbed Pete and searched the house to see if there was anyone unexpectedly hiding somewhere.

After doing a search, Libby decided to stop in Sara's room. She wanted to have some fun with Pete, now having him shrunken and under her control. Coming into the room she dropped the little man on the floor and ordered him to undress. Without any complications, Pete quickly took his clothes off and awaited naked for the next task from the giantess. Libby went over to a chair in the corner and sat down, telling Pete to follow her and get on the stool. Pete obeyed and readied himself as Libby lifted her feet towards him. She wanted a foot massage and instructed him to begin by talking off her shoes. He got to the task, grabbing onto her shoe and pulling it off. His lungs were already starting to fill with the sweaty odor of her tired feet. But as soon as he got the first shoe off, a shocking surprise was revealed. It had looked like Libby had left tiny Sara in her shoe, and here she was passed out on the tip of her toes.

Pete was shocked, but he came to a realization that Rachel was most likely hidden away in Libby's other shoe. In a hurry, he went over to her other foot and tugged away until he could remove her shoe. Here he found his other friend Rachel, also passed out in the smelly prison. Libby laughed as she looked into Pete's face, full of shock and disgust. She allowed him to place the two tiny girls down next to him until she lifted her socked feet into the air towards him. It was obvious what Libby wanted, and instead of making her wait, he got right to his role. He began breathing in her toxic scent, choking on the air as the giantess giggled to herself. She loved to feel the power and force her shrunken pets to inhale this disgusting odor. Pinning Pete down on the stool, Libby pressed her feet into his face, expecting him to worship her and torturing him with every second.

Eventually Sara and Rachel would wake up to see Pete suffering underneath Libby's sweaty gym feet. When she saw this she stopped and acknowledged them, coming up with a new idea to play with them all at once. She got off her chair and pushed the stool forward, kneeling down next to it. With her two fingers, she started to play with Pete's cock, making him hard in what seemed like no time. Not long after, she dipped her head down and began sucking on the little man's boner. Before she did this she warned Pete not to cum, but as she swirled her tongue along his shaft, this seemed like a difficult task for the shrunken guy. Before it was too late though, she stopped and came up with a game for her two smaller pets. She wanted Sara and Rachel to play with Pete's penis. Giving them not much instruction, they climbed onto his body and started to stimulate his shaft with their tiny bodies. This was driving Pete insane, and he felt like they would bring him to an orgasm in no time, but before it was too late, Libby plucked the girls from him and decided to do something that would be more fun for herself.

Now naked on the bed with her 3 shrunken pets, Libby was ready to have some real fun. Watching the girls be forced to rub their bodies on Pete's cock was turning her on, and she wanted to make use of them in a way that would pleasure her now. Having a grudge with Rachel, Libby grabbed her first and told her she would be used as her personal dildo.

Rachel screamed out for help, but there was nothing Pete and Sara could do at their current sizes. They only could watch as Libby began to rub Rachel's body along her lips, before fully inserting her deep into her vagina. It was a horrifying thing to watch as their friend was used as a plaything for this giant woman. Libby took things a step further and turned around in a position that would allow Pete to fuck her. She ordered the little man to come over and he reluctantly did, feeling sorry for the tiny woman who was being abused. His cock slid into Libby's pussy, shoving Rachel further back as Pete fucked Libby like he was asked to. During this time Sara was also down at Libby's feet worshiping them, making herself useful to add to her fun.

Some time went on and Libby finally decided to give Pete a break. Luckily for them, he held back his orgasm and didn't fill Libby's pussy with his semen while Rachel was still inside. The giantess wanted him to lay down as Sara would play with his giant dick once again. Sara did as she was told and began to ride Pete's cock with all the effort she had to give. Libby loved watching this and continued to finger herself, pressing Rachel in and out of her vagina. Soon she would come to her orgasm and she would lift Pete up to finish him herself. Holding Rachel against her breast, she sucked on Pete's cock until she could feel his orgasm coming. Timing it perfectly, Libby pulled Pete away from her mouth and aimed his cock at Sara, forcing him to cum all over her tiny body. It was a humiliating process, but the giantess loved every second of it. She got off the bed and removed Rachel from her vagina, instructing her that this would be her new role in life.

Using the shrink ray, Libby aimed it at Pete and shrunk him down to the size of Sara and Rachel. She told them all about how she planned to never lose sight of the device and how they would have no opportunity to turn things around on her. Hearing this made the three of them feel hopeless, as they knew that since Libby had been through so much as a tiny, that she would have her mind set on punishing them as revenge for being shrunken in the first place. She left the room, leaving Pete, Sara, and Rachel all on the bed, wondering what their lives would be like now, and hoping that this nightmare would end.

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