John's Size Implant - Chapter 2

John's Size Implant - Chapter 2

The story continues with Kristal walking into her room holding a 2 inch John in her hand. She throws him on the ground and sits on her couch, reaching towards her shoe to take it off. The smell of her socked feet starts to radiate throughout the air as the little man starts to lose his focus. Kristal orders her tiny step-brother to climb her shoe onto her foot. John reacts quickly and gets to her toes in no time. He grabs on as she lifts her leg, holding onto the thread while sniffing her sole. He loves this as she lowers him down into her shoe and starts to put it back on. John is pushed back to the toe area section of her shoe as she playfully toys with him with her foot. She knows just how much the little man enjoys the smell of her feet and John can't deny that this experience is just like he dreamed.

While in her shoe, John was also getting turned on. Kristal didn't notice, but as she was playing with her step-brother, she didn't notice how hard his dick was. Being trapped in her shoe was too much of a sensation for the little man. He tried his best to control himself, but there was no way he could stop himself from receiving pleasure from something that was like a fantasy to him. It didn't take long for him to cum while under her socked toes. John's step-sister noticed this and immediately took her foot out of the shoe, throwing the little guy on the ground in a rage. She was furious that John acted like such a freak. As she took off her shoes and socks, she was disgusted, talking about how she needed to replace a lot of her things because she didn't know whether or not her step-brother used them for his pleasure before. As she walked around him, she teased him by posing with her feet next to him, giving John a show to die for.

Eventually she brought her heel down, only to realize that the little guy was somehow hard once again. She picked him up and examined his body, seeing his shrunken boner throbbing. Before she could do anything with him, her mom Barbara came into her room. She had come home early and wanted to play with her shrunken step-son some more while she could. Kristal gave John back to her mother, hoping she could play with the tiny man again. Barbara took John back to his room and placed him down on the bed, ordering him to clean up while she would get ready for him. As she left the little man got right to work. Unfortunately at his size though, it was almost impossible to do anything in his room. He tried to pull on some of his clothes to move them around, but they were just too heavy for him. A few minutes went by and his step-mom come back only to find the room how it was.

Barbara was now in her bra and panties. She didn't see John right away so searched for him in the dark room.

Eventually she found him and plucked him from the ground, bringing him back to the bed where she laid down as well. Just like earlier, she wanted the shrunken man to give her feet some attention. John quickly obeyed, but was starting to get overly excited just like before. As he tried to worship Barbara's foot, his hard dick poked against her smelly flesh. She noticed this and decided to humiliate her step-son by giving him exactly what he wanted. Barbara used her other foot to push the little man's body into her sole, smothering him against the sweaty surface he craved. She played around, purposely grinding his hard cock along her entire foot, giving John insane amounts of pleasure. She instructed him not to cum, but John was having a difficult time controlling this sensation. Unable to stop himself, he blew his load all over his step-mom's sole. Barbara was shocked that it happened so quickly and immediately stopped. She grew her step-son back to his original size and scolded him. John was ashamed that he couldn't handle the pleasure for such a short time. As his step-mom left the room he worried that eventually he would be punished for the lack of control.

The next morning came, as John slept in his bed like nothing had happened the night before. Coming into his room was his older step-sister Ava. She was worried that something had happened to John as he didn't respond to her texts the night before. Letting herself in, she got on John's bed and woke him up. When her step-brother realized what was happening he quickly woke up in shock to find Ava sitting right next to him. It was strange to see her at his full size, and he wanted to tell her what her mom was doing to him, but she told him if he wanted to talk they could later. They had plans to hang out today so she left the room to get ready for the day, expecting to see him later. As she was leaving his room, Kristal came in holding her phone. She told John that her mom had given her access to the size app, and now she wanted to play. With a demanding tone, John's younger step-sister ordered him to get undressed.

John didn't want to anger Kristal, so he did as he was asked. Kneeling on the floor, she noticed that he was already starting to get excited. His step-sister wasn't happy to see this, thinking that John was a freak for getting a boner just from the thought of being shrunk by her. She started off by shrinking him to half his size. Kristal closed in and pushed her shrunken step-brother onto his back, placing her foot on his chest. But this was just the start, soon she adjusted his size on the app and made him only 10% of his original size. Now that he was as big as a doll she went over to his couch and sat down, instructing the tiny man to follow and worship her feet. John hurried over and got right to work. He began licking and kissing Kristal's toes, doing his best to hide from her how horny this was making him. Finally his step-sister was happy with him, finding him to be useful when put in this position. She allowed him to continue and pamper her feet until she thought it would be time to go soon.

When Kristal thought that their time was running out, she took control of the situation and started to play with her tiny step-brother with her feet. She flipped him on his back and used her toes to stimulate his penis, shoving her other pair in his face. Judging by last night she knew how pathetic John would be and that he would not last long. Telling him to resist the best he could didn't do much as the little man was lost in the moment. The combination of smell and taste with her toes wiggling on his dick made him lose control. Within no time, John could not handle himself any longer and let go of his orgasm. Cum pumped from his dick all over Kristal's toes. She was glad to watch her step-brother's humiliated face and got up to carry out her next game. Searching throughout his room, she found a sandal that her sister Ava had been looking for. Pulling out her phone, Kristal adjusting John's size once again and shrunk him down to the size of a bug. His jaw dropped when he looked up to find Kristal, who was already gigantic before, the size of a skyscraper.

With her step-brother so tiny now, she ordered him to climb onto the sandal. John climbed on, only to find himself being lifted into the air at an extreme pace. In an instant he found himself face level with Kristal, who looked like a colossal goddess from his perspective. She told him how she planned to tape him to this sandal so he could ride along with his step-sister Ava unaware to her. This sounded like a dream to John, but it was still shocking to him to hear from his step-sister because it was supposed to be a hidden secret of his. Kristal carefully took a small piece of tape and trapped John down by the toe section of the shoe. She left his room and walked out to the living room, placing the sandal down where her sister could easily find it. Making sure she would wear these, Kristal told her sister about it, and she was more than thrilled to hear how she could wear her favorite pair of sandals today.

It wasn't long before Ava would walk out to find the shoe waiting for her next to the dining room table. She kicked it over and started to slip her foot in, not realizing that her step-brother was the size of a bug and taped to it. John could not believe his view as his step-sisters toes came right at him. Ava firmly put her sandal on and was excited to go, unknowingly putting pressure on John's exposed naked body in the mean time. Being in a place he only dreamed about before, the little man could not help himself but be turned on. His dick felt pleasure as Ava's giant toes stimulated him without noticing him at all. On her way out she had already made John start to cum in his foot prison. The day was only beginning though, and if he were to be down here any longer, the fun was just starting.

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