Revenge of the Nerd - Chapter 3

Revenge of the Nerd - Chapter 3

Before Katelyn would make her way home with Haley, she decided to stop by the university to use the restroom, hoping to run into another girl that she was seeking her revenge on. To her delight, she ran into an 18 year old girl named Amber. Amber was another friend of Haley and Carla who would give Katelyn a hard time. Without wasting any time, she pulled out her device and shrunk her down. Seeing the new world around her, Amber was in shock, but mostly scared.

She stood frozen as another girl came out of one of the bathroom stalls. Her name was Kim, who was an innocent girl just trying to catch up on her homework. She had no previous hostility towards Katelyn, but not wanting to take any chances, she used the device on her too.

As Amber tried to make a run for it, the bathroom door opened and in walked one of the professors. Not wanting to shrink any more innocent people down, Katelyn quickly grabbed Amber and stuffed her in her purse before the professor would notice. She went and sat down in a stall as Kim also tried to get her attention. But before she could be noticed, Katelyn plucked her as well and hid her away from the outside world. The professor came out of the stall, thinking she might of heard something, but was unaware of what Katelyn was just doing. Now with her new pets Amber and Kim, as well as Haley who was still trapped in her vagina, Katelyn made her way home so they could have some fun in private.

When they got home, they went straight up to Katelyn's room. She sat on her bed and took the two new shrunken girls out. She told Amber about all the things she would do to her to get her revenge, but for Kim, she would not receive the same punishment. Since she was just caught in the way, Katelyn decided to go easy on her. She placed the two girls down on a nook and left the room to get changed. From below, Carla was still the size of the bug and wanted to be noticed. She ran towards Amber and Kim, hoping they would at least acknowledge her before the giantess would return. But it was not long before Katelyn would return in her pajamas, holding an unconscious girl in her hand. It was Haley, who was passed out from the rough ride in her pussy. She lowered her hand down and offered her to Amber so she could take care of her friend. Amber was really starting to realize the actual horror they were in now.

While this happened, Carla was able to make her way over to Katelyn's feet. She dodged her gigantic foot barely, almost being crushed in an instant. But finally she made it to the side of her toes and decided to try and get noticed. Punching her big toe, Katelyn felt a tickle down below, only to be surprised to see the tiny bug woman that she completely forgot about. She picked Carla up between her fingers carefully, trying not to smear her by accident. In this moment she also remembered what she wanted to do with Carla. Ordering the two new girls to get undressed, Katelyn took Kim and went over to her desk with her. She dropped Carla and Kim down, starting to browse some pages on her computer. What she came across was a good example for what she wanted to see. It was an image of a girl's head popping out of a giantess butt. This is what Katelyn wanted Kim to do with Carla. 

Kim was shocked, but glad that Katelyn didn't have something cruel in mind for her. In fact she felt as if Carla deserved this, despite the fact she didn't want to do it. She chased down the bug size woman and easily caught her. Even though she was only a few inches tall, she was still like a giantess to Carla. Wanting to keep Katelyn happy, she quickly got to her task and shoved Carla right up in her ass, feeling a sense of enjoyment at the same time. Katelyn was thrilled to see her pet behave so well. She didn't want to be hard on Kim so she instructed her to leave Carla where she was if she wanted them to remain on good terms. Kim agreed, as Katelyn got up and went back to the nook where Haley was finally waking up.

Amber and Haley were having a small reunion, while the giantess played with her toys over on the desk. But it soon came to an end as Katelyn walked on over, now naked and slowly rubbing her clit. She was in the mood for fun so she took the two bullies and went over to her bed. It was obvious how much of a playful mood Katelyn was in, especially to Haley. Amber still was not able to grasp the situation, denying in her head that the giantess was really going to use their little bodies as sex toys. But this is what she wanted and as Katelyn sat down and spread her legs she demanded the girls to get to work. Haley didn't waste a minute before starting to run over and obey. She went over to the giant pussy and started to rub it with her hands before slowly climbing in. Amber stood in shock, not really understanding what she was watching. As she stayed in her place frozen, Katelyn began to get upset with her, but at least for now she was distracted as the other tiny girl started to please her just how she wanted.

Haley knew what the giantess liked and didn't want to disappoint her. She heard and believed the stories of what she did to Kelsey and when she saw how small Carla was she didn't want to end up the same way. This was the only way to make things better for herself she thought. So she squirmed and kicked around inside the giant vagina as Katelyn enjoyed every moment of it. This went on for some time until the giantess saw the other tiny girl trying to run. Instantly the mood was ruined for her as Katelyn went from enjoyment to anger in a quick second. She snatched Amber up, wanting to punish her for being such a disobedient pet. Remembering how she didn't tolerate Kelsey, she wanted to use Amber as an example for the new girls so they would know their place. She teased her at first by licking her body, dipping her into her mouth, but soon decided to take Haley out of her vagina so she could watch to.

Now with a clear view, Haley and Kim watched from the distance as the giantess toyed with the tiny girl. Neither of believed she would actually do it, but as time went on it seemed more real. Katelyn finally decided to drop Amber all the way in her mouth and swallowed her whole. Haley's jaw dropped as her childhood friend was gone in an instant, devoured by her giantess captor. Kim on the other hand took this time to threaten Carla, telling her she would never escape from her butt as she didn't want to be punished by the giantess herself. It was a horrifying experience to witness, but one that would display the true cruelness of Katelyn. They were all disposable if they would not live up to her standards.

With things settled down, Katelyn still wanted to have some fun. She took Haley and decided to put her in her ass this time. Only to realize Amber's tiny body was starting to give her some gas. Now trapped in her butthole, Haley screamed and suffered as the giantess pleased herself and released gas within the chamber. The tiny girl was in hell, receiving the punishment she deserved as her friend was digested alive. There would be no escape for any of these girls as Katelyn pushed her all the way in, trapping her for the night. She turned off the lights and went to bed, hoping that Kim would keep Carla right where she had her. 

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