Diminishing Away - Chapter 5

Diminishing Away - Chapter 5

After spending the night inside Pam's vagina, Tim was brought back to his room by his giantess step-mom. She dropped him down and walked off, telling him that Alison would take care of him for the day while she was at work. Taking advantage of this time alone the little guy went up to his doll bed and tried to get some rest. But not long passed before his step-sister came into the room to see him. She quickly came over and reached for him, grabbing him with a fist. Alison was surprised that Tim was so small, but also by his durability. It was strange that after shrinking so much he seemed to be so resistant to force. They left his room and went out to the pool.

When the two got out to the pool, Alison was happy to see that it was empty. They went at a good time of the day to avoid people. She dropped Tim down onto a chair and gave him a second to adjust. This was the first time the shrunken man had been outside since becoming too small to care for himself. Looking at the gigantic mountains in the distance made his jaw drop, but when he turned around he was also presented another amazing view. Alison had dressed down to a red bikini while he was not paying attention. She immediately started off by sitting down on Tim. Her giant ass came so quick he could not avoid it.

As she smothered her tiny step-brother, Alison noticed her weight wasn't affecting him. She ordered him to crawl his way out, not giving him any slack. Eventually Tim made it out but it was harder than he thought. As he tried to catch his breath he was given his next task which was to come over and worship his step-sister's feet. When he went over to them he realized how out of breath he was, and the stench of her toes did not make it easy to recover. But he did as he was told, licking and kissing her foot like a good pet. Since he was so much smaller than before though, Alison was not pleased with Tim's performance. She wanted more from the tiny man so she ordered him to crawl under her toes. Reluctantly he did so, experiencing the odor to a new level in the process.

Alison loved this power she had over Tim. Lifting her foot in the air she made him continue to worship her while he was stuck between her sandal and sole. Time went by and soon they would leave the pool. But instead of taking him out and carrying him, she decided to try leaving him where he was, seeing whether or not he would be hurt by her weight. She stood up and balanced herself, testing Tim's limits, only to be surprised to notice he would not squish. Excited with her new discovery, Alison went back to their apartment with her step-brother trapped in her sandal. Hours went by as she did some reading and things around the house, leaving him there to inhale the powerful odor and be drenched in her sweat.

The day went by and Pam came home. She walked into her living room to find her daughter sitting on the couch. When she asked where Tim was she was surprised when she was told that he was under her foot. Alison lifted her leg to show her mom where her step-brother had spent most of the day. Tim was poking his head out screaming to be saved, but returning to Pam would be the opposite of being rescued. His step-mom took him away from Alison and went back to her room where they could be alone once again. Tim's step-mom was happy to hear how the day went and how Alison got to enjoy the little guy. But it was now her turn to have her fun, so she placed him down on the bed and undressed into her underwear. No matter how scared Tim was, the sight was still one hard to not admire.

Pam joined her step-son on the bed, crawling at him like he was her prey. When she had him cornered she had him wait for a moment while she reached for something in her bedside table. When Tim saw what she grabbed chills went down his spine. His step-mom had pulled out a pink dildo. The toy was much bigger than him, probably because he had become too small to please her just by himself. Now Pam had undressed herself completely and started to play with herself, slowly starting off by rubbing her clit in front of the tiny man. Tim became more scared than ever as she began thrusting her plaything into herself. He tried to run, but was quickly stopped by her foot. Angry with his little attempt to escape, Pam wasted no more time before ordering her step-son to grab onto the dildo. 

Afraid of the consequences, Tim held on tight like he was told. This was the start of the most wild ride of his life. As Pam played with herself intensely with her toy she experienced pleasure like never before. She went through multiple orgasms to this feeling, one after the other screaming out of control. Eventually her body was exhausted and she had to stop. When she did she collapsed face down on her bed, breathing heavily. Pam did not expect any of that to feel as good as it did. There was something about the power she had over her step-son in combination with something she loved doing. This was something else though, and now she didn't want Tim to ever be away from her. She pulled him out of her vagina and placed him on the bed next to her dildo. Telling him to stay put, she left to go use the bathroom, saying she would be right back.

What Tim just went through was nothing short of a nightmare. Instead of listening like he should of, he made an irrational decision and tried to make a run for it. He jumped off the bed and landed on the rug. But as soon as he did he was already out of time. Pam was coming back into the room, and she was not happy when she saw that her step-son was not where she told him to be. Running towards the door, the little guy was quickly stopped by a giant foot stomping down on him. In this same moment, he also felt one of his shrinking spurts. 

When Pam picked him up she was surprised to see that he had shrunk again. She was already angry that he disobeyed her and came up with a plan for the night. His step-mom was supposed to go to a party, but now he was going to come with her. The first place she thought to put him was between her boobs. She dropped him down, allowing him to land on her chest. As he slid down, she pressed her breasts together, smothering the shrunken man between them. Pam thought this would be perfect if Tim would stay in her bra while she was out. He was now small enough and she would never lose track of him. She put on a dress and some high heels, laughing at Tim's new prison. When she was ready she pressed him down, hiding him in her cleavage, threatening him with worse places he could be if he tried anything funny. From there the two left for the party with Tim hidden from the outside world.

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