Land of Magical Ladies - Chapter 6

Tom wakes up on the shore of a beach. He was confused as to what happened to him, remembering being tiny in the hands of Sofia, who was captured by the giantess Lulu. Curiously, he examines his surroundings and sees a woman in the distance. Wanting to find a way to get back to his owner Adriana he decides to head towards her to ask for help. Desiree is a woman in her early 30s who is at the beach herself relaxing with her eyes shut in a secluded area. Tom makes his way over to her to realize he is about 5 inches tall compared to her. He starts off by trying to get attention, touching the side of her foot to wake her up.

When Desiree wakes up she is shocked to see the little guy. It is unlike anything she had seen before. She stood up to tower above him and look down at him with a mean look. The little guy instinctively ran over and started to worship her feet. This was the only way Tom knew how to greet a goddess like her. But she is caught off guard and kicks him away. Seeing that she almost hurt the shrunken man she becomes gentle and picks him up. Desiree demands to hear an explanation from Tom and he tells her everything he knows. His entire story of what he went through and how he ended up trying to get her attention. The giantess is in disbelief after hearing this story, but at the same time the idea of a little pet slave excited her. Instead of trying to find help for him, she decided to try and test him out.

She first starts off by poking at his penis, seeing him become hard in an instant to her giant finger. Tom could not resist the beautiful woman playing with him and loved to be in her hands. Next she placed him down on the ground and lifted her foot above him before bringing it down. As she smothered him into the sand it all started to now feel real. Afterwards she tests his endurance further by sitting on him with her giant ass. The little man struggles, but he is not hurt in this process, giving Desiree her next idea. She really loved the idea of Tom being a tiny sex toy for her, so she took off her clothes and sat on the ground, wanting to try it out for herself. With her legs spread, Tom approached her to show her what he was really capable of.

The little guy reached her vagina and started to rub it. At first the giantess didn't know what to think, but she was enjoying it enough for her to become wet. Before she knew it, she felt something that surprised her like no other. Tom dove inside her pussy and began swimming around. His squirming stimulated Desiree like she never could imagine. Shocked by this sensation, the giantess took advantage of it and started to play with herself as Tom wiggled around inside her. He put his best effort towards this, making the woman scream and moan for more. Just like he was trained to, he easily pleased this giantess, making her beg for more. Time went by and Desiree had multiple orgasms, to the point of exhaustion. She knew she had to get home before someone else would show up at the beach.

Leaving Tom inside her vagina, she got dressed and started to walk off. Before she could though, she ran into her neighbor Cindy who was coming out to take her private spot. They chatted for a moment but as they did the little guy was not letting up. He continued to hit all the spots Desiree loved, making her unable to control herself as she had her conversation. Embarrassed by her behaviors, Desiree had to quickly say goodbye and run off. Cindy was confused by what she just saw, but didn't think much of it as she went to go relax. Now getting home, they went straight back to Desiree's room. She immediately ripped off her clothing and removed Tom from her pussy. It was hard to believe that this little guy was causing her to feel so great. Leaving him on her bed, she quickly went to go take a shower so they could continue their fun.

Coming out of the bathroom a few minutes later, Desiree had her hair down. She positioned herself and allowed Tom to crawl back into her vagina. Just like at the beach she experienced a feeling like no other as the little guy went inside her and made her lose control. She had multiple more orgasms before passing out. When things seemed to be finished, the little guy wiggled his way out to see the goddess sleeping with a smile on her face. Knowing that she was happy with him, Tom decided to take this time to have some fun himself. He walked down to Desiree's feet and started to worship them. This was turning the little man on as he kissed and licked her toes, rubbing his dick all over them. But suddenly the giantess woke up, surprised to see what was going on.

Instead of being upset, Desiree allowed Tom to please himself, helping him out with her feet as the tiny man got off. Eventually she pinned him with her toes and jerked his cock until he exploded. In the end, Tom was drained of all of his energy and he eventually went to sleep next to his goddess. The next morning when he woke up he found himself in a glass tank. Desiree came back into the room, but with her roommate Maria. She showed the little guy to her, only to be shocked by a story of magic. Maria was a magical lady who was trained from a young age to use magic. She demonstrated her powers by shrinking Tom down to under 2 inches. Desiree now was more excited to hear that they had a way to change his size as they pleased. As her friend left the room, Desiree wanted to have fun one more time before work.

Laying down on the bed naked, Tom was instructed to worship her body, starting down by her feet. He eventually worked his way up, climbing her foot and running down her leg. When he got to her thigh, he took a dive right into her pussy that was dying to have more of him. Just like last night, Desiree was feeling such an intense sensation that she never wanted to end. Shoving Tom into the deepest part of her pussy, she decided to leave him there as she got dressed. Desiree put on her work clothes and sealed off the tiny guy from the world. Now he would spend the day trapped inside her as she worked. Wanting to make her feel good, he did all the things that she loved, making her wonder if this would be possible to keep him in there while she was working. 

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