After School Activities - Chapter 3

After School Activities - Chapter 3

Karl wakes up in a sauna shrunken down to only half his original size. The last thing he remembers was being used as a sex toy for two girls in the gym. Suddenly Jessica walked in and told him how today was going to be a new assignment for him. She removed his boxers to reveal his cock which was slightly enlarged by Mrs. Johnson. Excited to get on with the lesson she sat on his face with her giant ass, arousing the tiny man. Jessica picked Karl up and brought him to the center of the room and ordered him to start stroking his dick as she continued to tease him, eventually removing her clothes.

Now naked with the little guy, Jessica ordered Karl to start fucking her. In a doggy style position she waited for him to insert his cock and begin. Karl did as he was told and happily went at it. It wasn't long though until he could feel his orgasm building and his fatigue taking a toll on him. The giantess quickly noticed this and stopped him, warning him of consequences if he were to cum without given permission first. She laid Karl on his back and lifted his cock into her vagina. Now on top of him, she rode the tiny man like a horse, feeling insane amounts of pleasure, while also bringing him to the edge. When Jessica noticed he was close she got off him and switched into something new. She grabbed his cock with her hand and started to give Karl a blowjob, bringing him to his climax very quickly.

After his orgasm was over Karl began to fear what type of punishment he would face now, but before he could think too much about it another girl entered the room. It was Hannah from yesterday who was at double her original size, making her a giantess compared to Jessica. The two discussed the lesson plan and Jessica left them alone, leaving Hannah to play with her new shrunken slave. She started off by laying on her back and demanding Karl to come over to her. The little guy obeyed as fast as he could and grabbed onto her body before starting to fuck her. Hannah laid back, enjoying his enlarged penis inside her tight pussy, but soon she would become bored due to his poor effort.

Hannah was expecting a lot more from this experience, but since Karl was trying to hold back his cum and due to lack of energy he wasn't able to satisfy her like she had hoped for. They tried different positions but none seemed to work out for her. Eventually she was turned off and decided to get Karl back by doing something he would not be able to resist. She lifted him into the air and started to suck on his cock, giving him another blowjob. Because of her bigger size she was able to give Karl what seemed like a dream come true. Like before he came fast, blowing his load all over Hannah's mouth. This was yet another thing that would be added to the report that would not look good for Karl. They got dressed and Hannah said her goodbyes, letting the shrunken man know what might come next after she would submit her report. Karl begged the giantess not to tell Mrs. Johnson about his performance, but he was ignored and she left him there to worry.

Hours passed by and a new woman walked through the door. It was Mrs. Baker, an older mature woman who would be carrying out detention with the little guy. She got the report from the girls and was here to punish Karl for being such a useless slave. When she came over she let him know how he would be punished until he was properly trained. Pulling out her computer she shrunk him down to only a few inches tall. But when Karl thought that would be all, he was surprised when the woman also grew herself to over triple her original size. Now the giantess really made the shrunken man feel tiny as she picked him up between her fingers. She put fear into his mind letting him know of all the horrible things he would now go through such as living in her smelly ass and cleaning every bit of her dirty sweaty body. This was just the beginning of a nightmare for Karl who more than deserved it for being a useless slave.

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