Found at the Gym - Chapter 11

Found at the Gym - Chapter 11

Amber held the shrinking device in her hand with Pete in the palm of the other. He was the size of a bug compared to her now that Amanda had made him smaller. Angry at her, the giantess used the device to shrink Amanda down to about a foot tall. She then turned the device back on herself and hoped nothing would go wrong. Fortunately the results she wanted happened and Amber returned to her normal size.

Excited by how things were going, Amber put the device and Pete down on the table and she asked him to adjust the settings so she could grow him next. While Pete did this Amber went over to Amanda and scared her by stomping right next to her tiny body. She threatened the shrunken woman, telling her that revenge was on the way.

Pete went to work on fixing the settings and by the time Amber came back around he was ready. She picked up the tiny man and placed him on the floor and pointed the shrinking device at him. When she pulled the trigger everyone was surprised by the outcome. Pete had grown back to half his original size, larger than he had ever been since shrinking the first time. He was happy to be close to normal again, but he asked Amber to save the energy in the device for Sara and Rachel. From a distance Amanda looked up in fear as Pete was now a giant compared to her, but Amber was even bigger at twice his size. Instead of going straight over to help the other two girls, Amber had some naughty ideas instead. She wanted to take this time to punish Amanda. But disagreed but Amber said she would make it quick. From there they walked back to the bedroom.

When they got to Amber's room, Pete and Amanda didn't know what to expect. Amber immediately threw the tiny girl down onto her bed as Pete climbed up. She instructed the two to undress, but Amanda didn't obey as quick as she wanted her to. Angry with the tiny woman she scolded her, sending fear into the helpless girl and causing her to strip down as fast as she could. Now the three of them were naked, ready for the games the giantess had planned. Because Amanda didn't behave like Amber wanted her to, she took the device out and shrunk her down to only a few inches tall. This helped Amanda understand just how serious the dominate mother was. Amber picked up her new smaller body and dropped her right on Pete's stomach.

Amanda recovered quickly from the fall only to look over to see Amber starting to suck on Pete's penis. It quickly got hard and when the giantess thought it was fully erect she stopped and ordered Amanda to continue the job. The shrunken woman was shocked to be standing next to a cock that was bigger than her entire body. Not wanting to anger the giantess any more, she hoped on and begun riding it with her whole body. It wasn't much, but Pete loved the feeling of this. Not only did it please the little man, Amber was also getting hot from this situation. She grabbed Pete's dick and held Amanda close to it while positioning herself on top of her shrunken man.

With her giant body, Amber started to ride the little guy. Amanda held tight onto Pete's dick as Amber's wet pussy engulfed her entire body. It was pure torture for the tiny girl as the giant couple made love with her being nothing but a toy. After a few minutes Amber wanted to change positions. She pushed Amanda into her vagina and got up from the bed. Pete followed her as she got into a doggy style position on the floor. Pete didn't waste any time before starting to fuck Amber from behind. The two were loving this experience like no other, all while Amanda only could wish for it to end. Eventually Amber pulled away from Pete, causing Amanda to come out with his dick. She hung on the best she could, still amazed by the size of giant penis.

Amber found this amusing as she leaned in and started to once again suck on Pete's dick. She pushed Amanda up, causing her to go inside her mouth as she continued to blow her little man. Amber finally stopped and held the tiny girl above her mouth before dropping her on her tongue. She licked on her shrunken pussy, enjoying how Amanda tried to resist the sensation. This all had to come to an end though. Sara and Rachel were still in trouble, but Amber wanted Pete to cum for her. She laid on her back with Amanda on her stomach and asked Pete to finish off. The little man stroked himself in front of Amanda for a moment before going back in for more. He fucked Amber with everything he had until he was on the edge. When the moment came he pulled out and let loose his giant load.

When Pete started to cum Amanda was in disbelief. She stood there as she was sprayed by the glob of sticky semen. Feeling humiliated and degraded, the tiny girl wanted to cry as Amber laughed down at her. She picked up the shrunken woman and told her this wasn't the end. With her firmly in her grip, she twisted her body around and shoved Amanda right into her butt hole. She couldn't do anything but squirm as the giantess was amused by her efforts. Now, satisfied with her punishment, Amber and Pete left the room. Pete was worried how Amber was behaving with all this power, but for now he tried to stay focused on saving the two girls held captive by Libby.

Back at Libby's apartment she was oblivious of what was going on with Amanda. She laid on her couch with each girl down by her feet. Earlier she went to the gym without any socks, so when she laid barefoot on the couch the odor was more intense than ever. Rachel felt like this was all her fault, but Sara also felt responsible for allowing Libby and Amanda to took the device back and shrink them. All they could do now was endure Libby's torture as they waited and hoped for someone to save them.

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