Revenge of the Nerd - Chapter 2

Revenge of the Nerd - Chapter 2

The chapter starts with Kelsey sitting in a small dark room alone. Last thing she remembered was being shrunk before she passed out from shock. But her nightmare was real as she was just waiting in a giant dresser drawer. Katelyn came back to her room and opened it up to find the scared tiny girl right where she left her. She picked her up and teased her about where and why she was here. Kelsey didn't like the idea of being small and a pet of the girl she once bullied, but the giantess didn't seem to care. She through her down on her bed and joined her, taking off her shirt in the mean time.

Now with nothing but her stockings, Katelyn lifted her legs to reveal her other tiny pet Carla who was trapped inside her ass. She ordered Kelsey to go help her out. Wanting to save her friend, she got up right away and started to pull on her feet which were sticking out of Katelyn's ass hole. It took some time until Kelsey was finally able to remove Carla from her smelly prison. The two girls were happy to see each other ignoring the situation. But before they could reunite for long, Katelyn turned the attention towards her. She started to finger herself in front of her two pets, telling them how excited she was to have some fun.

Not wanting to become a sex toy, Kelsey tried to run off. Before she could go far Katelyn tried to give her a chance to turn around. But she didn't, and as she sprinted she was easily stopped by a pair of giant feet. Katelyn was able to stop her in her tracks, smothering her between her fishnets and putting an end to her escape. The giantess turned around and grabbed Kelsey, happy to give her another chance. But the tiny girl wasn't having it. She started to swear and call Katelyn out. Obviously Katelyn didn't like the attitude of her new pet, so instead of playing she decided it wasn't worth keeping her around. Dangling her above her mouth, Katelyn teased that she would eat Kelsey. She stuck her in her mouth and started to suck on her with her tongue. The tiny woman screamed for mercy, but it wasn't going to stop her. With a big gulp, Katelyn was able to swallow her alive.

From below Carla watched as her best friend was devoured alive. Katelyn picked her up, but the small girl was breaking down. This seemed to ruin the mood, but it gave the giantess another idea. She placed Carla down on the floor and started to get ready. Katelyn got dressed in her clothes and grabbed the shrink ray. She told Carla she was going to hunt for another one of her friends, but before then she would shrink her again. Katelyn aimed the shrinking device at Carla and shrunk her down to only an inch tall. Now the size of a bug, Carla felt completely helpless against the powerful giantess. Ready to leave, Katelyn decided to leave her bug sized pet on the floor, knowing there was nowhere she could go.

Haley was waiting on her couch for Katelyn to arrived. Katelyn told her that she had some information on her friends so as soon as she knocked on the door she jumped up and let her in. The girl tried to ask what she knew, but once the shrink ray was pulled out she got scared. Threatening the same fate, Katelyn aimed the device at Haley and shrunk her down to only a few inches tall. She picked her up and placed her on the table, instructing her to stay put or suffer the consequences. Haley didn't move as the giantess walked away. She was too stuck in her head about what the hell was happening and what she really could do to escape such a powerful goddess.

When Katelyn returned she was completely naked. She grabbed the tiny girl and held her tightly in her fist before sitting down on the couch. For a moment she rubbed Haley across her pussy lips before putting her down and ordering her to undress. In fear, the shrunken woman obeyed quickly. From here Katelyn wanted to play a little game first. She laid on her stomach and told Haley to climb up and kiss her ass. Not wanting to upset her goddess, Haley did her next task as fast as she could again. She got up on her back and went back to plant a kiss on the giant butt cheek. Katelyn was happy she made it, but not satisfied. As she wiggled her body around, Haley lost her balance and fell right between Katelyn's cheeks. The small girl was trapped between them as the giantess playfully teased her pet. She stood up and forced Haley to hold for her life.

Katelyn didn't plan on keeping Haley outside of her ass all night. Using her fingers she shoved her right into her butt hole and started to masturbate. The giantess was loving the feeling of her new pet, fingering her pussy and pushing Haley up every time she would come close to escaping. On the couch she spread her legs and played with herself all while the tiny woman flailed around. Haley was fighting for survival as Katelyn brought herself closer and closer to her orgasm. It wasn't long until she reached her climax. Happy to punish her new pet, Katelyn let her out of her butt and told her they had to get going. But before the giantess could get dressed she gave in to the temptation and started up again for another round. This time though, she picked Haley up and pushed her right inside her vagina. The night was just beginning, and when they would get home, there would be hours more of fun.

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