Found at the Gym - Chapter 10

Found at the Gym - Chapter 10

The chapter starts with Libby and Amanda full sized sitting on the couch with their feet on a coffee table. Sara is being forced to lick Libby's feet while Rachel is on Amanda's. Amanda decides to get up and leave with the shrinking device. She was out on a mission to get Pete and asked if Libby would stay behind with the two shrunken girls. Eagerly she agreed as Amanda left the room. After she shut the door Libby removed her feet from the table and immediately teased Sara and Rachel about what was going to happen now. She grabbed both doll sized girls and walked into her room.

When Libby walked into her room she threw the tiny girls onto her bed and quickly undressed herself. As she talked to them Sara decided to try and make a run for it. Libby took this as a chance to play a game. Slowly she stepped towards her before kicking her over and smothering her with her foot for a moment. She picked Sara up and dumped her back on the bed, joining the girls at the same time. With a demanding tone, Libby ordered the girls to remove their clothes. In fear the girls undressed themselves and waited to see what the giantess would do next.

Libby reached towards Sara and brought her up to her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and started to engulf the shrunken girl. Holding her by the arm, Sara's entire body was dunked into Libby's mouth to be violated by her tongue. When she took her out she was completely drenched in saliva. Now she was ready for the real fun. Holding her tight, Sara was brought up to Libby's pussy where she was forcefully pushed inside head first. Sara struggled inside as the giantess enjoyed the sensation. She started to finger herself, pressing on Sara's feet to send her deeper inside. Eventually Libby came to her orgasm and decided to leave the tiny girl inside her.

She turned her attention towards Rachel who just watched her friend go through something terrifying. Libby told her that things would be worse for her. She held Rachel tight in her hand and showed her Sara close up. Rachel could see only her feet sticking out of her vagina. Before she could take it all it she was also forced inside Libby, but only this time she was being inserted into her asshole. Libby pushed Rachel all the way inside, moaning from the pleasure of having two playthings within her. She laid on her bed and continued to enjoy the satisfaction.

Back at the house Amber and Pete were wondering what had happened to Sara. Amber had got up to do something in her room, leaving Pete behind on the couch. He grabs a look at her giant ass before she disappeared. When Pete heard a door open he thought it was Sara coming home, but to his fear it was actually Amanda coming in. He hid down by the coffee table as he noticed she had the shrink ray. When she came to the area he was in he tried to sneak behind her. But as he was running she noticed him and easily caught up to him, firing him with the shrinking device.

Pete found himself less than an inch tall after Amanda had shrunk him again. She came over and picked him up before placing him down on the table. Amanda sat down next to Pete to let him know she was not happy with him. She made a fist and slammed it down next to his body. Pete thought Amanda would squish him right there, but she was just teasing him. Wanting to torture him she took her shoes off and planted her bare feet right in front of him. Memories of that smelly scent came back to him from days before.

Amanda ordered Pete to worship her feet, even though he was smaller than ever. She wasn't getting much out of this, but enjoyed to force him to inhale the smell. The giantess decided to use her toes to pick up the little man. Pete was stuck between Amanda's big and second toe. He could feel the sticky sweat that was built up between them. Amanda enjoyed this moment before lowering her leg down to the floor with Pete. She spread her toes, releasing him onto the ground so she could stand up.

The giantess towered above Pete in ways he could not believe. She made it seem like she was going to step on him, so Pete ran for his life. This was just all a game for Amanda to tease Pete with though. She really made it seem like she would crush him though with the way she was slamming her foot down next to him. Right then Amanda thought about ending it for real. She raised her foot above Pete and ordered him to look up. Before she could step down on him the door opened and in walked Amber.

Amber was surprised to find another girl in her home. It was obvious Amanda had something to do with Rachel. When she looked over to see the device sitting on the table she knew she had to get to it first. Amanda charged towards the device but Amber's large size was too much for her. She was easily able to overpower the regular sized woman and pinned her to the floor. As she was holding Amanda down she looked to her left to see Pete smaller than ever. Amber reached her hand out and asked Pete to climb on. Eagerly he got back with the giantess who was protecting him. Now they were back with the device, and Amber had an idea to get it working again. They would experiment on Amanda until the device would work how it was expected to.

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