Mrs. Johnson's Plaything - Chapter 7

Mrs. Johnson's Plaything - Chapter 7

Steven and Emma woke up to find themselves shrunken to about a foot and half each, chained up to a glass table in a strange empty room. Suddenly, the door opened and in came Mrs. Johnson, who was wearing her gym clothes. She instructed them that they were now in her detention class, and after a grueling workout she was now ready to punish her disobedient pets. Quickly, the giantess started off by sitting down on the tiny girl and wiggling her pants in her face for just a moment. She got off Emma and turned her attention towards Steven. The little guy was in for a treat, as Mrs. Johnson had plans to force her slaves to cum for her. She started off by slowly rubbing his cock with her finger, before leaning in and using her mouth to give him a blowjob. This didn't last long as the giantess was able to bring Steven to his climax easily. He came all over her tongue, forgetting for a moment how bad this entire situation was.

Now that Steven needed a moment, Mrs. Johnson turned her focus back towards Emma. She used her fingers to pinch her boobs before getting up to grab something from a table in the back. When she returned, she had a dry paint brush, one that was perfect size for inserting into the shrunken woman's pussy. She screamed and begged for the giantess not to do this, but it didn't stop her. Mrs. Johnson took the end and shoved it right into Emma's vagina. The tiny girl screamed in pain, but also couldn't help but love the sensation. It felt like her body was betraying her as it enjoyed every moment of being tortured in this way. Eventually Emma couldn't help herself any longer and also came to an orgasm. Happy with how things were going, Mrs. Johnson returned the brush to the table and walked back over.

When Mrs. Johnson came back over to the table it seemed that she had undressed herself. She was now only wearing her underwear with a pair of socks. Turning around, she pointed her butt towards Steven and sat down on him like she did with Emma before. There is an under glass shot showing Steven trapped with nothing to breathe but the smelly ass of the giantess. Steven didn't know why, but this was turning him on again. Mrs. Johnson was happy to see that her pet was ready for round two. She got off the little man and climbed up on the table to stand above them. Her shrunken slaves looked up to an amazing view of their goddess as she slowly moved her foot up to tease Steven even further. She used her socks to rub along his hard on, making him even more confused as to why he was so turned on next to her stinky feet. Wanting to take things to the next level, she removed her socks and brought her bare foot down towards the little guy's cock. Placing it between her toes, she started to jerk him off further. Steven wanted this to stop as he was feeling humiliated by how the giantess was toying with him. It was no surprise that this was done on purpose as one of her cruel games.

Mrs. Johnson continued to stroke the little guy using her foot. There is another under glass showing him like her foot as she toys with him. Just like before, it seemed like no time before Steven lost control and came on the bottom of her foot with her toes in his face. She got off the table and teased Emma with a little lick on the side of her leg. The shrunken girl was relieved when this was all she did as the teacher left them alone to open the size program on her computer. Mrs. Johnson adjusted a few settings and grew herself to about 9 feet tall. Now naked, she walked back over to her chained up slaves to tower above them bigger than before. For a moment she teased what she might do to them, but suddenly she turned around and brought her gigantic booty down on them for a third time. We see an under glass shot of Mrs. Johnson sitting on both her pets at the same time. She gets up and walks to the side of the table before sitting down one more time sideways on the little guy. Steven feels like his body is about to crack underneath the power of the larger giantess. 

It was Emma's turn to be tortured again though, so Mrs. Johnson knelt down and leaned in with her chest. Her boobs were bigger than ever as she brought them close to the shrunken girls face. Using her hands, she squeezed them together, smothering the tiny girl, not allowing her to breathe at all. When she was done with this she continued to make Emma scream by moving her finger next to her vagina. Slowly she started to rub her clit, making the shrunken girl moan. There was no way she could help herself as the giantess playfully stroked her pussy. She increased her pace, making it even harder for Emma not to scream. Eventually she couldn't handle at anymore as she had her second orgasm unwillingly from Mrs. Johnson.

Happy that she was able to give two orgasms each to both of her pets, Mrs. Johnson walked back over to the computer to adjust a few more settings. This time when she hit the button, Steven and Emma found themselves shrinking to a tiny size. When they awoke they were unchained, but unfortunately for them, they were less than a few inches tall on this giant table as the amazon sized woman came back over for them. The giant teacher teased her little pets before turning around to show them her gigantic ass. It was a sight unlike any other, but it was also approaching. Steven ran as fast as his tiny legs would take him, but it wasn't enough to get away from her butt as it came down crashing on top of him. We see our last under glass view of the tiny guy underneath Mrs. Johnson's ass. While he is still under here, she focused her attention on Emma and scooped her up with just two fingers. She dangled the tiny woman above her gigantic breasts before releasing her to fall between them. Emma was trapped in Mrs. Johnson's cleavage as the giantess used her hands to press them together, squeezing the helpless girl.

As Mrs. Johnson wiggled her butt, Steven was finally able to crawl out to where her butt crack was. He could smell the sweat and build up from a long day. Before he could run away, the giantess got up and placed him right between her cheeks and squeezed them together. Steven was screaming out for help, but neither shrunken slave would be spared. She got up from the table, causing Emma to fall from her boob prison onto the floor. Unhappy with how the tiny girl had been behaving Mrs. Johnson decided it was time to end her. Since she had no more use for Emma, she raised her foot above her head. All the shrunken woman saw was the bottom of her teacher's bare foot before it came crashing down on top of her. Mrs. Johnson put enough force to go right through the crush proof material, crushing the helpless girl into nothing. Afterwards, Mrs. Johnson put Steven in her hand and brought him closer to the stain. It scared him to see that all that was left was a pool of blood and some barely recognizable body parts. This was her warning to Steven. He knew he would have to obey the goddess or be punished in the same way.

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