Diminishing Away - Chapter 3

Diminishing Away - Chapter 3

The day started off with a new nurse coming over to examine Tim. She put a ruler up next to his tiny body to find out that he was only barely over a foot tall. Tim's condition was unlike anything she had seen before and like other medical professionals she had to let Tim and Pam know that she had no idea what to do about his condition. With the information given to her, she left, hoping to find a solution, but with no hope. Pam was angry to see that she wasn't able to get help once again and told Tim that she had to run some errands so he would have to stay home alone. She left the house, leaving Tim on top of the dining room table.

Tim wanted to get back to his room so he could try and research his condition, but before he made it all the way back he heard the door open. His step-sister Alison was coming home, but she was with her friend Cindy. Cindy was a very attractive friend of Alison's who Tim always had a crush on. She hated how he always would bother her to go on a date and the little guy knew he had to avoid them at all costs. As they walked by into his room to look for him, Tim tried to run into the kitchen to look for a cabinet to hide in. But before he could find a hiding space, they returned from his room, realizing that he was not there. The two girls each searched around until Cindy quickly found Tim in the kitchen. She yelled down at him and knocked him over with her foot, pinning him to the ground until Alison could come over and pick him up.

Now with the shrunken man captured, they went back to Alison's bedroom to be in private. They put the little guy on the floor and started to discuss what to do with him. Tim's step-sister stuck out her sandal and teased Tim with it while Cindy got an idea. Her feet were soaked from an intense day and knew they had to smell. She removed her shoe to expose the tiny guy to her sweaty sock. Tim wanted to gag as her sock was shoved into his face. He had no choice but to obey their wishes to sniff them. During this time, another shrinking spurt occurred, bringing Tim down a few more inches. Afterwards Cindy told Tim to get down on his knees and worship Alison's feet as well. Tim obeyed until Cindy came back with her socked foot and smothered it into Tim's face. The little man couldn't handle the smell as he passed out right in front of the girls.

Some time went by before Tim woke up, realizing he was now naked. When he looked around he saw that he was on the bed with Cindy and Alison, who had both stripped themselves down to their bra and panties. Tim was confused as to what they were up to as they acknowledged the little guy. Cindy wanted to continue to humiliate Tim using her feet, feeling like it was the perfect punishment for someone who would not leave her alone. Tim had no choice but to obey when asked to come over and lick her soles. The little guy struggled with the intense stink and taste of her soles. Cindy couldn't help but giggle after feeling his tiny tongue tickle her feet. She asked Tim to move onto his step-sister who was eager for him to get started. Tim got to licking, but it wasn't enough for Alison. She used both of her feet and picked up his tiny body with them, smothering his face between her toes.

Cindy was thinking of a naughty way to play around with Tim. She took her finger and started to stroke his cock, making him erect in seconds. Tim was embarrassed to be seen like this in front of his step-sister and his crush, but he couldn't stop his body from enjoying Cindy's touch. In fear he got up and ran off, jumping off the bed as they tried to grab him. He ran towards the door but was stopped in his tracks by Cindy's foot. The girls now wanted to punish the little guy for trying to escape. Pressing her sole into his face, Alison held Tim down as Cindy crept her toes towards his shaft. She placed his dick between her big and second toe and started to wiggle them up and down, making him hard very quickly again. From there she continued to give the shrunken man a toejob while he was being smothered by his step-sister's smelly soles. Cindy increased her pace, eventually bringing Tim to his orgasm against his will.

When Tim had no cum left to pump out, the girls removed their feet from him and laughed down at him. The little man couldn't believe how humiliating what just happened was. They said their goodbyes and brought Tim back to the living room where he would pass out once again. Hours later, Pam came home to find Tim shrunken further than she could imagine. He was only the size of a doll now. Luckily for him, he was now the perfect size for something that she wanted to set up for him. Pam picked up her shrunken step-son and brought him to his room to show him Alison's old doll house. Alison had not played with dolls since she was very young but they still had this house in storage. It seemed to be the perfect size for the little man.

Pam left Tim in the doll house to take a look around before leaving the room. He didn't want to be kept as a pet anymore, but at his current size there was nothing he could do to help himself. Later that night after Pam had a few drinks, she came in to visit her tiny step-son. She was dressed in some sexy lingerie, with naughty thoughts on her mind. Reaching out towards the little guy, Tim screamed for help, but there was no one to help him. Pam puckered her lips while bringing Tim closer to her mouth, ready to have some fun like the night before.

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