The Shrinking Pool - Chapter 6

The Shrinking Pool - Chapter 6

The story continues off where we left Ben in the glass cage. Instead of listening to Bailey, he decided to try climbing out. At his size he was easily able to make it over the glass and onto the floor. From there he heard some footsteps coming so he went to hide next to the bed. Coming into the room was Sydney, Bailey's mother, who was looking for a pet to play with. When she saw that nothing was in the cage she left the room to go tell her daughter. Ben tried to sneak out with her but was not able to before she shut the door. Now returning to the room was Bailey who was angry to see that Ben had escaped where she had left him. She turned around and easily spotted Ben on the ground. Picking him up, she was very upset and decided to shrink him down to only an inch tall. Now the little man was too small to do anything as he was left in his glass cage once again as Bailey left the room.

Bailey wanted to punish Ben for misbehaving earlier. She thought that shrinking him wasn't enough, so she went down to the pool to look for his girlfriend Carly. When she got there she was lucky to find Carly sitting alone. Using her spray once again she shrunk the innocent girl down to only a few inches tall and took her home with her. Bailey walked back into her room holding the tiny girl so she could show her to Ben. When they got over to the cage she picked him up and held the two of them in the same hand. Carly and Ben were shocked to see each other so small. The giantess didn't want to give them the pleasure of enjoying a moment together so she went over and threw them down onto her bed as she undressed. Now naked, Bailey sat on her bed and picked Carly up, while asking Ben to worship her feet.

Carly was stubborn and hostile towards Bailey, trying to threaten her at her tiny size. But the giantess wasn't having it. She did what she wanted to, first by using her finger to stroke her vagina. Carly resisted as much as possible, trying to push the giant finger away, but it was no use. Eventually Bailey got tired of her struggles and decided to just get rid of her instead. She held her above her mouth before eventually dropping her in. Playfully she swirled her tongue around the little woman, before finally using it to push her back to her throat. Ben was trapped between Bailey's toes and looked up in fear as his girlfriend was devoured alive. The little man suddenly felt more hopeless than ever as Bailey turned her attention towards him to pluck him with her two fingers. She teased him how she could be so cruel, and that the power trip was turning her on. Now using his one inch body, Bailey fingered herself with Ben. This went on until she started to feel a stomach ache. It seemed that Carly was fighting for her life inside Bailey's belly. Instead of ignoring it she put Ben back in his cage and went to the bathroom.

As Ben waited in the cage for Bailey to return, Sydney re-entered the room once again. She walked over to Ben and noticed his tiny body and reached down towards him. The giantess mother was upset to see him so small, after hearing how great of a sex toy he was. She thought that he must of did something to deserve being shrunk so she thought it would be right to punish him herself. They walked out to the living room and sat on the couch, while placing Ben on the coffee table. Sydney put her heels up and leaned back, exhausted from her day at work. She really wished that Ben was big enough to give her a foot massage and she didn't want to use any of her growth chemical on him. Instead she ordered him to climb to the top of her high heel to entertain her. Ben ran over and immediately got to work. He started at the heel and eventually reached the side of her shoe where he could touch her bare skin. At this point though, Sydney was already getting bored. She lifted her leg into the air, causing Ben to dangle at the bottom of her high heel. After teasing him a bit she let him drop onto the table as she placed her bare foot next to him. Ben was in shock by how bad the smell of her feet were. He wanted to gag, but this was just the start. Sydney ordered the little man to come over and worship her.

With his head against her stinky sole, Ben tried his best to please the mature goddess. But nothing came from it. She quickly grew bored of him and pinned him underneath her toes for a few moments, beating up his poor tiny body. When she was done she instructed him to crawl inside her shoe. Ben did as he was told and made it to where he needed to be before it was too late. Sydney told him that she had to go back to the office for a little bit and that he would be joining her. He was in shock to hear this was her plan. There would be no way he would survive a torture chamber like the inside of her shoe. But he had no say in the matter as she put her high heel on the ground and slipped her foot in, trapping the tiny man inside. From there she walked out of the room with her new slave at her disposal.

Eventually Bailey came out of her bathroom after dealing with Carly. Instead of letting her digest, she threw her up and healed her with another one of her mom's chemical. She walked towards the glass cage only to find that Ben was nowhere to be found again. This time she knew that someone had taken him because he was way too small to get out. She teased Carly about how she might never see her shrunken boyfriend again. Carly flailed and threatened Bailey some more, but this was only met with the same punishment as before. She dangled her upside down and licked her tiny body. The shrunken girl thought she would be eaten again, but eventually Bailey stopped and put her down into the cage. As she walked away Carly begged for forgiveness. When she saw that she couldn't be heard she started to realize what her new reality was. Her only place in life now was to be the pet of Bailey. There was nothing she could do about it as it set in just how fucked she was.

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