Revenge of the Nerd - Chapter 1

Revenge of the Nerd - Chapter 1

Katelyn was a 19 year old nerdy girl who sat in the locker room, ready to go home after getting dressed. Before she could get up another girl walked in named Carla. Carla was also 19 years old and part of a group of girls that would bully the geeks at the college. One of the girls they gave a hard time to was Katelyn. As she walked by she had to stop to give her a hard time before walking to her locker. Katelyn wasn't happy with the way she was being treated lately. After class she would go home to plot a revenge against the girls who made life at college a living hell. She pulled a device she had been working on at home and stood up to yell at Carla as she walked away. When Carla turned around she pulled the trigger and shrunk her down to about 5 inches tall.

Carla was shocked to find herself so tiny on the floor, looking up at the giantess who was staring down at her with an evil smile. As Katelyn started to approach her tiny victim, Carla got to her feet and tried to run away. It was useless though as it only took a few footsteps to catch up to her and push her down. On her back and looking up, Carla feared for her life as Katelyn asserted her dominance. She told her that this was her revenge for all the bad things that she had done and now there was nothing she could do to stop her. Katelyn picked up the tiny girl and put her in her purse, ready to go home. When she arrived in her room she was very eager to start her punishment. She plucked Carla from her purse and held her tightly in her fist before setting her down on the ground. Katelyn sat down near her window and ordered the tiny woman to come over and worship her.

At first Carla wasn't sure what the giantess meant by this as she approached her foot, but soon found out when Katelyn lifted it and brought it down on her. The giantess laughed as she continued to love the power she had over the little woman. Letting both of her shoes slip off, Carla started to become scared by the smell of Katelyn's feet. Before she would get on with her task she tried to run off again. Like before, there was nowhere for her to run, as Katelyn stood up and begun to chase her playfully. She stomped her socked foot down next to Carla a few times before finally stepping on her back. The tiny girl screamed out as Katelyn applied more and more pressure until she passed out. When Katelyn saw that she was not conscious, she decided to dress down to her bra and panties. She planted her bare feet in front of Carla and waited for the scent to wake her up. Soon, the shrunken woman would wake up to the horrible smell of Katelyn's feet. When the giantess saw this she threatened her again, telling her to worship her or else.

The tiny woman got to her duty, massaging Katelyn's soles and starting to lick when told. Katelyn loved to see that her pet was scared and finally doing her job. Bored of this, she picked her up between her feet and rolled her body around. This drenched Carla in her foot sweat until she let go, letting her drop to the ground. Afterwards Katelyn stood up and removed the rest of her clothing, instructing Carla to do the same. Now both naked, she picked up the shrunken girl once again and started to play with her body in her hand. Carla screamed as Katelyn's finger violated her body. There was no way for her to stop her as the giantess gently rubbed her sensitive regions, laughing at how she was making her little doll feel. Carla was feeling like she was being raped by Katelyn's giant finger. With naughty thoughts in her mind, Katelyn stopped and walked over to the bed so they could have some fun.

She through Carla down onto the bed and lowered her ass down before she had a chance to move. Now underneath her giant butt, Carla begged Katelyn to stop, unable to properly breathe. Eventually she lifted her ass off the struggling girl and sat on the center of bed, ordering Carla to get up and come over too. Carla was worried about what was going to come next as she watched Katelyn spread her legs. Using two fingers to gently rub herself, she ordered her pet to come closer to her pussy. Reluctantly, Carla came over in fear of what might happen if she didn't, and started to massage Katelyn's outer lips. The giantess loved the way she was forcing her to please her. As Katelyn quickly became wet, she didn't want to hold back anymore. Using her two fingers, she pushed Carla's tiny body inside her vagina and used her as a tiny dildo. This went on until Katelyn couldn't take it anymore. Coming to her climax she screamed out, erupting in pleasure. Using Carla for her satisfaction while getting revenge on her bully was the most powerful sexual experience of her life, and all she wanted was more now.

Katelyn got up from the bed with the tiny woman still stuck inside her vagina. Instead of letting her out she pushed her back in and started to get dressed. The feeling of revenge was too much for her to resist now. Back in her clothes, she left her room and went back to the locker room to see if any of Carla's friends were still around. When she walked back in she ran into Kelsey who was alone. Kelsey was another bully who was friends with Carla. Katelyn threatened her with her device, but Kelsey thought it was all a joke, laughing at her until the unexpected happened. Katelyn fired the device at the girl and shrunk her down to the same size as Carla. She picked up the tiny woman and told her all about what she did with her friend and what her intentions were. Kelsey was in complete shock to hear Katelyn's plan for revenge. She tried to talk her down from it but it was no use. Holding the tiny girl in her fist, she left the locker room, ready to get her revenge on another shrunken woman.

80 pages total.

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