Found at the Gym - Chapter 9

Found at the Gym - Chapter 9

After a long night, Pete sat on the kitchen table in the morning. He was working on the shrinking device, getting the repairs done with the parts Sara brought him. As soon as Sara walked into the room he told her the good news. The device was ready to be used. Amber got off the couch, excited to not be half the height of her daughter anymore.But it needed some time to charge. Knowing that it would be a few hours, Sara left to do some errands. When she left, Amber came up to the little man and asked him if he wanted to have some more fun like last night. The two eagerly ran back to her room to take advantage of this time alone. Pete fucked Sara's mom from behind, before crawling up her and kissing her nipple. The giantess picked him up and set him down on a bench, wanting to show off her ass to him. Before realizing what was going on she had sat down on his face. While smothering her butt against his face, she takes his cock between her fingers and starts to gently stroke it. Pete couldn't help being rock hard as Amber give him a tiny fingerjob. Now hard as a rock, she decided to get on her knees and start to suck on Pete's dick. She swirled her tongue around until he wasn't able to control himself anymore, leaving behind a small donation inside her mouth.

Back to Amanda and Libby who were waiting patiently on a bed for Rachel to return. They were naked and in shock once the giantess walked in. Rachel was wearing a set of risque lingerie and here to take advantage of the two. Before she was being too nice, but now she wasn't messing around. Climbing into the bed with both of them, Libby ran over and instantly started to kiss her nylon feet. Rachel loved how much better Libby was at treating her, so she took off her heels and placed the two girls on the floor for them to worship her feet. She allowed the girls some time, but Amanda was just not cutting it. Using her foot she pressed her face into the ground before standing up applying more pressure. All Libby could do was sit and cower away as the giantess had her way with the shrunken woman.

A few hours later Sara had returned from her errands to find Pete and her mom waiting. The shrink ray was ready to go and set to the proper setting. Sara held the gun and aimed it at the two shrunken people before pulling the trigger. After being hit by the beam Amber found herself at over 10 feet tall, rather than her normal height. Unfortunately for Pete, he somehow got smaller instead. He instructed Sara to try again on him, but afterwards he was just tinier in the end. They all panicked, wondering what to do now that Pete was only a few inches, while Amber was taller than any amazon. Pete's idea was to try the device on Libby and Amanda, just to make sure it was working how it should, before shrinking him too small or growing Amber too big. Quickly, Sara took the shrink ray, hoping for an answer.

After punishing Amanda for a bit with her feet, Rachel decided it was time to get rough with the shrunken woman. She was now naked and on her knees, with Amanda underneath her. While this was happening Libby was given the task to continue to worship her feet. She sucked on her toes, hoping not to suffer the same fate as Amanda. Rachel used her fingers to pull her face right into her vagina. She loved the way she was feeling and wanted this to go on, but she was interrupted as the door opened unexpectedly. It was Sara, who was surprised to find her friend abusing the two shrunken women in this way. Rachel tried to explain herself, but Sara just asked her to leave the room. Not saying anything, she went out into the living room to get changed, hoping to tell Sara about it later. Sara didn't tell Rachel that she was planning on using the device on them. She pulled it out and got Amanda and Libby to stand next to her. Aiming it at them, she pulled the trigger, growing the two tiny girls to about 5 feet, just inches short of their normal heights. Relieved to see the device was working properly, she asked the two grown women to leave and to never tell anyone about this. Amanda and Libby walked towards, turning around at the last second to attack Sara.

Amanda held Sara's arm while Libby snatched the device from her hand. They pushed her over and aimed the gun at her with a threatening tone. Sara begged for them to show her mercy, but instead they wanted revenge. Libby changed the setting and shrunk Sara down to about 5 inches tall. Now in a world of giants, Sara woke up to see two pairs of bare feet towering above her. Libby easily grabbed the tiny girl from the floor and held her in her hand. She gave Amanda the shrink ray so she could go take care of Rachel. Walking into the next room, Rachel was shocked to see Amanda grown so big, and holding the shrink ray. Trying to talk down the woman didn't work. She wanted revenge on her for all the things she had done. Using the device, she shrunk Rachel down to 5 inches, just like her friend. She hovered her foot above her head, teasing her with her power, before bringing it down and smothering it in her face. Amanda pressed her smelly toes into Rachel, enjoying the sweet revenge and laughing to herself.

Since Amber and Pete knew they would be alone, they went back to Amber's room once again. She sat there holding the 3 inch man, while being 10 feet tall herself. For some reason she wasn't worried. She told Pete how she knew he would eventually fix this, and that they should just enjoy the moment. Pete agreed, as she set him down on the floor. Amber laid on her stomach and asked the tiny man to explore her body. He started down at her toes, climbing up her foot and running across her leg. As he got close to her gigantic ass he fell to his knees. Pete could not believe how amazing the sight was, and how lucky he felt to be spending this time with this giantess.

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