University Test Subject - Chapter 7

University Test Subject - Chapter 7

Summer walked into her new dorm room holding nothing but a box. Waiting for her was one of her new roommates named Gina. They introduced themselves to each other, excited to spend the new school year together. Inside her box was her shrunken man Matt, who she had to keep secret for now. She brought the box over to her bed and set it down while talking to Gina about school related things. Gina informed Summer about her other roommate who wasn't here at the moment and tried to plan a hangout time for later that evening. Summer loved the idea of getting to know her new roommates so she happily agreed. After her short introduction, she said goodbye to Gina for now as she had a class to attend. A few minutes after Summer had left, her other roommate Isabelle came in. She chatted with Gina for a moment about Summer, feeling bad for barely missing getting to meet her new roommate. They both looked at the box sitting on her bed, wondering why this was the only thing she brought over.

Isabelle kicked off her heels and laid on her bed, getting lost on social media on her phone, meanwhile Gina sat back doing the same, but with a book instead. Matt didn't like being kept in this box while Summer was away. He would of rather been kept underneath her foot or somewhere else. Being left behind tempting him to venture out and see if he could sneak a peek at Summer's new roommates. Matt knew he was supposed to stay put, as Mrs. Johnson told them that he had to remain hidden until they were given permission. Disobeying his orders, he pushed up on the lid of the box so he could get a look at who he might be spending more time with in the future. When Matt saw the two goddesses he could not just stay put. Doing exactly what he was ordered not to, the little man climbed out of his box and made his way to the floor so he could approach one of the giant girls. He kept himself hidden, getting a better view of the unaware girls as they wasted time before class.

As Matt ventured around on the floor he came across Isabelle's unattended high heels. The strong smell drew the tiny man towards them, distracting him from just getting a better view. He crept towards the foul scent, wanting to breathe it in. Without the girls knowing, Matt was right up against the high heel, sniffing the area where Isabelle's foot left a stench. He continued to enjoy himself until he heard a boom come from the left of him. Gina was getting up and heading over to the closet to put her shoes on. Matt could hear the girls talking about how they had class soon and how Gina was about to go take a shower. Lost in his craze, the little man thought this could be a perfect time to perv on her even more. He saw her purse laying on the ground in the distance and ran into it, hiding himself in a pocket before she was ready. When Gina got her shoes on, she picked up her purse and left the dorm, unaware of her tiny passenger coming along with her.

Gina walked into the locker room and set her purse down on a bench. Matt crawled out to find that he wasn't just in a bathroom, but the girls locker room instead. He ran out of Gina's sight, getting to the floor before she would notice him. Hiding behind the leg of the bench he could see the giantess take off her shoes. Her red toenails took his attention from a distance. He wanted to get closer so badly, but he knew this was only a time to observe. She started to undress looking away from him, as Matt's jaw dropped from the amazing sight of Gina's naked curvy body. Grabbing her soap, she walked over to the showers, easily leaving the shrunken man behind. Matt wanted to get a better view of this bare naked goddess, so he started to make his way to the shower side of the locker room. Before he could get anywhere though, a girl named Suki walked in. She stepped by the bench, not noticing tiny Matt spying on her below. The little man waited and watched as the giantess came by. As this happened another girl named Mandy came walking from the opposite direction dressed in a bikini. It seemed that she was about to use the swimming pool but wanted to take a rinse first. When it seemed clear, Matt once again tried to sprint across the room towards the showers.

The little man made it across the room safely, getting in range for a view of the showers. But before he could get any closer another girl emerged. Her name was Sadie and she had just finished drying herself off. She walked towards Matt wrapped in a towel, heading for her things. As she passed by, Matt stood still and looked up her towel, getting a view of her exposed vagina. When she made it over to the lockers he continued to stay put, watching everything as she dressed herself. Matt knew that his time was running out and had to ditch the idea of getting a look at the girls showering, so he instead ran back to the benches where he was just at. As soon as he made it over, Sadie just finished getting dressed and started to head out. He barely missed her as her giant foot stomped right past him. While this was happening, the other girl Suki had finished up using the toilets and had sat down on the bench that Matt was hiding under. She slipped off her shoes, relieving her feet of their warm prison, giving off a smell that the shrunken man could not resist.

Suki's stockings were giving off an odor that made Matt confused. He forgot about having to stay undetected as her foot stink pulled him in. As the giantess sat on the bench she was unaware of the little man approaching her feet. Matt got close and dropped to his knees, beginning to lick the bottom of her foot through her nylons. When Suki felt this she jumped up, causing Matt to run away in fear, realizing he had just messed up. But instead of getting down to look for what was just touching her foot, Suki also ran away in fear. She had thought that Matt was just a little mouse or something and screamed as she bolted out of the locker room. The tiny guy was lucky she didn't realize what he really was. Still distracted by the odor of her feet, Matt saw that Suki had left her shoes behind. Instead of being logical, he went over to them and dived inside. Taking deep breathes of the strong scent, he started to stroke his cock while laying inside her smelly shoe. Matt continued to jerk himself off inside his personal little heaven until he was interrupted by some footsteps coming in his direction. It was Mandy and Gina who were getting out of the showers. Mandy was still in her bikini, while Gina had wrapped herself in a towel. The two girls discussed with each other about the yelling they heard just a few moments ago. It was obvious that they didn't know what it was, but it looked like Gina was almost ready to go. As the two girls talked, he jumped out of the shoe and ran back over to the bench where Gina's purse was on. He climbed up to the top and hid himself away in the pocket once again without being noticed. Just in time, he had found his way into her purse as she scooped it up and left the locker room.

Matt was lucky to make it back to the dorm while inside Gina's purse. She walked in to find none of her roommates home as she walked in and sat herself down on the couch. Gina dropped her purse and laid back, trying to get a moment of relaxation before her next class. The little man took this as a chance to climb out of his hiding spot. When he finally made it out he was once again pulled in by the sight of Gina's foot. This time she was wearing some sandals and seemed to be closing her eyes as he looked up at her. Matt took this chance to approach the giantess, getting closer to the toes with the sexy red nail polish. He got to his knees and started to worship her as his goddess. Luckily for him, it seemed that she was fast asleep. Her feet gave off a clean odor mixed with the dirtiness of her worn sandals. Matt always loved smelly feet, but also appreciated a nice fragrance after washing them. He started to get lost in this moment, intensely kissing and licking her big toe as she slept unaware of his presence. The little man started to get insanely horny, moving his entire body onto her toes and sticking his hard dick between them. He started to thrust his cock into the spaces while running his tongue up and down her big toe. Once again Matt was in a heavenly place and far from any logic. He didn't slow down until he heard the door of the dorm start to open. Quickly he reacted by jumping off Gina's foot to see who was here.

It looked like Summer was getting home this time. When she came through the door Gina was awakened as the little man ran underneath the couch to hide. The two girls talked for a moment as Matt watched from the darkness. He could see each of their sandaled feet wiggle their toes candidly. It was about time Gina would head off to class, and with a quick goodbye, she left the room. Matt knew he had to get back to his box before Summer would come for him. While the girls were still talking, he ran as fast as he could to Summer's bed, climbing up the sheets with all his energy. Before he could reach the top though, Gina had left and his owner was already coming over to check on him. Summer had caught Matt red handed. Plucking him from the bed before he could hide away in his box, she smiled down at her little man, not surprised to see that he was out and about spying on her roommates. Instead of punishing her little man, Summer gave Matt a chance. She thought it was cute how he was able to venture around without being caught. Being stuck inside a dark box wasn't something she wanted for him either.

Now alone with her shrunken man, Summer dropped him on the bed and started to undress herself. She removed her clothing, only leaving her bra and panties on as she joined her little guy on the bed. Matt was happy to see that Summer wanted to have some fun with him. She re-positioned herself, planting both of her smelly feet next to his tiny body and instructed him to come closer. Without any hesitation, Matt came over to Summer's soles and climbed up to her toes, hugging her feet with his body. Quickly, he started to get hard and his goddess noticed. Bending her foot down, she pressed Matt into the bed while starting to rub his excited cock. The little man laid back and allowed his owner to take control, as she gently brushed her sole on his dick. Matt was starting to lose control quickly as Summer picked him up and smothered him between her two feet. This sensation just continued to stimulate Matt even more. She had laid him on the top of one foot and used the other to start giving him a toejob. The little man was lost, getting closer and closer to his orgasm. Relentlessly, Summer rubbed his cock rapidly, picking up the pace to the point where Matt could not handle it anymore. Unable to contain himself, the shrunken guy exploded on her toes. He pumped cum from his dick as his goddess looked down at him with a smile. Summer was happy to give Matt some relief after having to spend all day apart from her. She picked him up and explained to him how she would be hanging out with her new roommates tonight and soon he would be able to join them once Mrs. Johnson would give permission. Dropping him back in his box, Summer waved goodbye to Matt once again. She shut the lid, leaving him in darkness until she would have time to play with him alone.

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