Diminishing Away - Chapter 2

Diminishing Away - Chapter 2

Tim woke up in his bed after what seemed like a nightmare yesterday. To his horror it wasn't just a dream and he was actually as small as he was now. At barely over half his size he got up and walked out into the living room to find his step-mom Pam waiting for him on the couch. She had set up an appointment with Dr. Adams and wanted to join him to see what she had to say. The little man argued that he didn't want to go see her because it was her treatment that seemed to shrink him in the first place. Pam was not happy about how Tim was disagreeing with her and threatened him to do as she said. Knowing his place, the shrunken man got dressed and left the house with his step-mom.

They arrived at Dr. Adams' and waited in her office for her to arrive. Sitting on her table, Pam was wrapping her arm around Tim's back, trying to comfort him. When Dr. Adams walked in she was shocked to see just how tiny her patient was now. Pam and Tim were not happy though. The worried doctor questioned the little man about what has been going on since yesterday and Tim told her about how he has been only getting smaller without any end in sight. He demanded Dr. Adams to do some more research into his condition so they went over to the other side of the room and sat down while she got on her computer. Dr. Adams was emailing as many professionals as she knew and looking into private databases to see if any other person had gone through the same thing as Tim did. After looking for some time she came to the conclusion that she would no longer be able to help. It seemed hopeless due to the lack of knowledge and nobody else ever seeing a case like Tim's. Angry at the doctor, Pam decided to take her step-son and storm out. If they weren't able to get any help here it seemed like a waste of time to even come see Dr. Adams. The two went home to talk, seeing if they could come up with any ideas.

While at home, the time was coming for Pam to leave and do some errands. She left Tim in the living room and walked out of her home. Tim knew this was his chance to be alone and look into his condition himself on his computer. He got up from the chair and started to head back towards his room. Before he could get far though, his heart dropped when he heard another door open from behind him. It was his step-sister Alison who just got done showering. She was in a skimpy bath robe and on the hunt to find Tim. The shrunken man got to his knees and begged Alison to leave him alone. All he wanted to do was get back to his room and do some research on his computer, but she had other things on her mind. She easily picked up her tiny step-brother and carried him back to her room. Shutting the door tightly, she set him down and walked over to her chair, demanding him to follow her. Tim was scared, but he knew he had no choice except to give Alison what she wanted. As she sat down she grabbed a bottle of lotion and ordered Tim to hold out his hand. She squirted a glob into his palm and lifted up her legs next to him. Alison wanted Tim to lotion up her feet after taking her shower. Luckily for him she just cleaned them and there were no strong smells like yesterday, but thinking of doing the task he was asked for still seemed very humiliating. Like a good little pet, Tim swallowed his pride and did as Alison asked. He gently massaged the lotion into her soles and between her toes. His giant step-sister laid back and closed her eyes, loving the feeling of domination she had over her pesky shrunken step-brother.

As this was going on, Tim started to feel that strange shrinking sensation once again. Like before, he felt his body get smaller right before Alison's eyes. Luckily for him it wasn't much, but it still was just yet more of his height that he thought he would never get back. Alison casually tried to change the subject, ignoring how Tim was trying to beg her to let him go so he could find a way to stop this. Instead she got up and changed into a bra and panties, having Tim face away from her as she took off her bath robe. She walked back over to Tim and ordered him to strip down to his underwear. Scared of what his step-sister might do he quickly did as she asked. She climbed into her bed and asked him to follow her so he could continue to put lotion on her. Laying on her stomach, Alison gave Tim another task, this time it was to moisturize her back. Patiently she waited, until he put some lotion into his hand again and began to rub it in. Tim felt completely degraded by his younger step-sister as he had no way of escaping her grasp. He put work into his task, hoping that she would let him go sooner.

Luckily for Tim, it seemed as if Alison had fallen asleep while he was lotioning her back. He knew this was his chance to get away from her as he quietly got off her bed and ran to the door. Without her knowing he was able to finally escape, making it back into the living room. When Tim shut the door, he took a few steps before dropping to his knees. The tiny man started to pout to himself for a moment, feeling helpless about the whole situation. Before he could collect himself and get back to his room, he heard the front door open. To his horror is was his step-mom Pam coming home already. He did not realize just how long he was stuck with Alison in her room. As she came around the corner she caught the little man in his underwear out in the open. She picked him up and questioned him, but Tim tried to struggle and get away from her. At his tiny size it was no use as Pam laughed out how pathetic he seemed to be. Pam had grabbed a few drinks with her friend while she was out and was definitely feeling tipsy from it. She was having thoughts about her step-son that normally she would never. Being in a position of power she thought it would be fun to take him back to her room. Once again as Tim tried his best to get away from the giant women he lived with, he was taken captive back to one of their rooms.

Pam entered her room, holding Tim in her hands. She went right over to her bed and through him down onto the soft sheets. As the little man started to recover he was greeted with the sight of his step-mom unbuttoning her shirt. Pam pulled the sides back, revealing her breasts in a tight bra. The little man was starting to realize just what Pam was thinking. Her slight buzz was giving her naughty ideas that she really wanted to embrace with her shrunken step-son. Going further, she took off her sandals and skirt and joined Tim on the bed in just her bra and panties. She leaned in and pinned his body underneath her arms while talking about all the dirty things she wanted to do with him. Tim thought this was crossing boundaries with his step-mom, but she tried to change his mind, reminding how they aren't blood related and how it just seemed like such a hot idea. Even though Tim still tried to resist, she pressed on, turning her body around and sitting on his tiny face with her giant butt. Pam pressed her booty against Tim's head and smothered him into the bed. All he could do was cry out, begging for her to stop, but the horny woman really wanted this to happen. She took things further by positioning herself with her pussy right up against her step-son's mouth and rubbed it aggressively on his face.

Tim wanted this to stop, but things were just heating up. As Pam stopped smothering her step-son, she laid on her stomach and pinned the little man down by his arms. With her other hand she started to gently rub his private area using her index finger. Naturally, Tim started to get excited. Blood began to flow towards his penis as Pam easily stimulated his growing hard on. Jumping straight to the point, she ripped off his boxers to reveal his raging boner. The little man never expected to be exposed to his step-mom in this way ever, but now it was happening and it was too late to turn back. With his excited cock out in the open, Pam leaned forward with her head and started to lick his shaft. Within seconds she had put Tim's entire dick in her mouth. What Tim wanting so bad to stop was all of a sudden too hard to resist. His step-mom's giant blowjob felt insane. Never had he imagined feeling so much stimulation on his cock. His giant step-mom bounced her head up and down, gobbling on his member like no one ever had before. She quickly noticed how much Tim was enjoying this as his cries to stop turned into soft gentle moans. Pam continued to blow her tiny step-son for a few minutes, edging on his orgasm whenever she felt like he was coming close. Eventually she stopped and got to her knees. Towering above the little man, Pam began to remove the rest of her clothing, starting with undoing her bra and slipping her panties off.

Now completely naked with her step-son, Pam laid down on her back with Tim between her legs. She wanted the shrunken man to do something for her now, after giving him a taste of what she was capable of. Putting both legs on his shoulders, she pulled him in, bringing him right up to her vagina. It was clear that Pam wanted him to begin eating her out. Getting to his knees, he leaned forward and started to lick Pam's clit. Quickly, the horny woman started to get wet as her tiny step-son went down on her. A satisfying moan escaped from her lips as Tim really put effort into his task. He ran his tongue up and down her sensitive areas, turning her on beyond what she thought. All of this just made her want more though. Eventually she couldn't handle herself anymore and stopped him so she could move her body. Now in a doggy position, Pam pointed her pussy towards her step-son and begged for him to fuck her. Past the point of no return, Tim was done trying to get out of this experience. His boner raged on as his giant step-mom waited impatiently for him to give it to her. Moving in and grabbing on to each side of her booty, Tim pulled himself in and inserted his cock into Pam's dripping pussy. Feeling her step-son enter her made her scream. Even though he was not his normal size, Tim's dick felt tight inside her vagina. She had been dying for this to happen since she got home and was very pleased when it finally got going.

At his shrunken size, Tim was surprised how good it felt to be fucking his giant step-mom. She demanded more and more as she was drawing closer towards her climax. Begging Tim to keep going hard she furiously bounced her ass back and forth on his little body, as he held on as tight as he could. This was not only turning her on, but bringing Tim towards the edge as well. He did everything he could to try and control himself, so his step-mom could cum before he would. But the sensation was way too much for him as his penis gave in and shot his load all over her lips as he pulled out. His donation pumped continuously until there was nothing left to give. When the eruption stopped, Tim could no longer stand. He had fell to his back while breathing heavily, all while Pam looked down at him with an angry look on her face. She was very upset that her step-son came so quickly when she was getting so close. For a moment she scolded him, but eventually knew there was nothing he could of done about it. Satisfied for now, after an intense experience the two tried to calm down. Interrupting the moment was something Tim had nightmares about. In front of Pam, he felt his body get smaller once again. Panic returned to him as the reality set back in about his shrinking condition. He still continued to get smaller and he was now worrying about the worse case scenario just like earlier.

Pam got out of bed and placed Tim on the floor. She towered above him, taller than ever before in front of her step-son's new tiny size. He was in shock by just how much of a difference a little shrinking could make. Trying to calm him down, Pam gave Tim some encouraging words and left the room so she could clean herself off and get dressed. Now alone in his step-mom's bedroom, Tim put his underwear back on and sat on the edge of the bed, thinking about what he should do now. Pam returned wearing a skimpy outfit that she loved to sleep in. It looked like she didn't want to leave the room yet. She sat down on the bed next to Tim and placed him in her lap, trying her best to distract him from his problems. Even though he was just reminded on the horror of his reality, he felt comforted by Pam. She pat him on the back and eventually moved into a different position, laying next to him in the bed. Pam used her motherly instinct to calm down Tim as much as possible. Soon she got her message through to him and he took a deep breath before laying next to her as well. The two talked about other things than his condition, trying to make the best of the situation. But as they tried to think better of things, the worse started to happen again. Just like a few minutes ago, Tim felt his body get smaller again. He was once again shrinking before his step-mom as she watched in shock.

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