Land of Magical Ladies - Chapter 4

Land of Magical Ladies - Chapter 4

After an intense night with Sandra and her date, Tom woke up alone in the middle of the bed. In the distance, Sandra was entering the room around the same time he was waking up. She came over and greeted Tom by laying down next to him. The giantess wanted to thank the little guy for being such a fun addition with her date the previous night. Using her finger she started to slowly stroke his exposed penis, making him hard in an instant. Tom loved to be played with by his giant owners and embraced every second he was given. Before this would go on for too long, she picked him up and dropped him between her breasts. Pushing them together, Sandra juggled the tiny man between her boobs, smothering his entire body against her soft flesh as his raging boner brushed along every inch of skin. Tom was not able to tell Sandra what happened to Adriana the other night, but the mother was wondering why she had not come back for her pet yet. Dropping him from her boobs, she allowed the shrunken guy to fall into her panties. She let go of the strap and trapped him in his prison as she got up and got dressed to look for her daughter. In the other room, Sofia had a tiny woman of her own down by her feet. She had shrunken her down for making her angry at the store. Walking into her room was Sandra who was trying to figure out what happened to Adriana. The small woman flailed around and tried to beg Sandra to save her from this evil young giantess. But the giant mother did not care, she picked up the shrunken woman and warned her about her behavior. She made it clear that she would have to listen to Sofia if she wanted to survive, and that nobody in this home would ever help her. She was shocked to hear this as Sandra dropped her back down by Sofia's feet. Sofia told her mom that she last saw Adriana with Dayanna and that gave the mother an idea of where to look next. She left her daughter's room, leaving her with her new shrunken doll to torture.

Over at Dayanna's place, she was toying with her shrunken friend Adriana. Dayanna was still at a giant size that Camila granted her yesterday. She sat on the couch, dangling her legs over Adriana, thinking of what to do next. Lowering her foot towards her, she demanded to be worshiped. But Adriana didn't respond well at first, causing Dayanna to come up with a new idea. Instead of trying to make Adriana lick her feet, she stood up and hovered her giant ass above her. Without any warning she dropped it down, pinning the half sized woman to the floor. Adriana screamed out for her friend to stop, but her begging had no effect. Dayanna wanted to punish Adriana for putting her through such hard times yesterday. As this was going on, they were interrupted as Sandra came walking through the door. She knew that this was what happened to Adriana, and finding her underneath Dayanna's ass made her furious. Dayanna tried to plead for mercy to Sandra, but the mature mother would not let this go easy. Using her power, she shrunk Dayanna down to a doll size, ending her reign of power she had over her daughter. Adriana went over and picked up her friend, angry about what she was just putting her through. Sandra wanted to be in charge of the punishment though. She demanded that Adriana hand her over and leave the two alone. Adriana did as her mother asked and left the room, causing Dayanna's heart to drop as she was now face to face with the merciless giantess.

Before they would begin their fun, Sandra pulled the strap of her panties back and grabbed Tom. Dayanna was shocked to see the little guy again as he came out from his prison with a smile on his face. Just yesterday she was a goddess to him, but now she was only twice his size while under the control of their new giantess Sandra. She started off by placing her two pets on the couch and standing up next to them. Sandra knew that Tom would enjoy every moment of what might be a punishment for Dayanna, so she thought it would be fun to include the little guy in every activity as a reward for last night. Hovering her butt above them, Sandra jumped backwards onto the couch, crushing each of her tiny toys under her ass. She leaned her weight in, causing the little ones to squirm for air. They were both suffocating as they were trapped underneath her gigantic cheeks. She continued to wiggle her butt around until she felt like it was time for her next activity. Sandra stood up and looked down at Dayanna and Tom who were still recovering. Using her power, she casted a spell on herself, growing her to 15 feet tall and expanding most of her body, making her a more voluptuous woman. Now at her gigantic size, her ass and tits were bigger than ever. Teasing her pets, she waved her booty around before sitting down on the ground. Planting herself on the floor, Sandra demanded Dayanna and Tom to run over to her. The tiny humans jumped off the couch and made their way towards their goddess at her new gigantic size. Walking up to her pussy, Sandra grabbed Dayanna and started rubbing her doll sized body along her clit. She was quickly getting wet from the sensation of the shrunken woman being brushed against her lips. It was now time for the two little ones to satisfy their goddess sexually.

As Dayanna was being pressed on Sandra's pussy, she reached her arm out asking for Tom to come to here. The little guy eagerly came over to his goddess as she picked him up and dropped him down on her boob. It was obvious the giantess wanted him to use his shrunken body to stimulate her nipple. He got down and put his arms to work, pleasing Sandra with exactly what she wanted. While this was going on, Dayanna's world started to get scary. At first she was just being dragged around along Sandra's clit, but now she was beginning to push her body inside her. Using the tiny woman as a dildo, Sandra started to furiously finger herself using Dayanna's body. The tiny woman was trapped within the dark and moist cave of Sandra's giant vagina. This went on for what seemed like forever for the shrunken girl, but luckily for her the giantess was climbing towards her climax. Eventually their goddess was not able to handle herself any longer as she moaned loudly before feeling her body erupt in exstacy. Sandra screamed out, as waves of pleasure ran throughout her entire body. She was feeling completely satisfied from the sensation her two little pets were bringing her. As the moment winded down, Sandra stopped pressing Dayanna in, allowing her to dig herself out of her tight prison. The shrunken woman was drenched in Sandra's pussy juices, humiliated from the punishment her goddess had decided for her. Sandra turned over, grabbing Dayanna and held her in her hand. She was happy to see how degraded the tiny girl was feeling. Wanting to offer a reward, she started rubbing her body with her finger, but Dayanna screamed for her to stop. When Sandra heard this, she decided not to go on and to do something much worse instead.

Sandra placed Tom and Dayanna next to each other on the ground and turned around, displaying her gigantic ass before them. Earlier when she crushed them underneath her butt she was normal sized. But now she was 15 feet tall with an expanded butt. It was large enough to almost fill their entire vision. Slowly, she started to drop her bare butt down on them again. Dayanna tried to run as fast as possible, but it was no use. There was no way to escape what was going to happen next, as Tom stood his ground and readied his body to be smothered underneath her booty once again. Sandra's ass crashed down on them with loads more pressure than the time before. She shifted her weight around, grinding their tiny bodies into the floor relentlessly. This continued until she noticed their squirms start to slow down. It was far more hopeless than before as Dayanna and Tom lost the energy needed to fight back. Showing some mercy, Sandra decided to release her pets from their prison and laid on her stomach with her feet next to them. Giving them an easier, but still humiliating task, Sandra ordered her toys to worship her feet. Dayanna was grossed out from the smell already before even starting, but Tom embraced it and dived right into her sole. They went on with their duty, laying their tiny bodies on the bottoms of her feet and doing everything possible to worship their goddess. Sandra loved what her pets were doing, but at the same time it was starting to get boring for her and there were other things she still needed to do with the rest of her day. Tilting her legs backwards, she forced Dayanna and Tom to slide down her soles and down onto her butt. While here, Tom took this chance to hug his body around Sandra's butt cheek and grind his erect dick against the meaty flesh. She loved to see how much her little slave loved her body, but it was time to move onto the next activity. Sitting next to the table, Sandra dumped her two pets in front of her so she could have a front row seat for the last part of Dayanna's punishment.

Awaiting her final command, Dayanna hoped that things could not get much worse. Luckily for her, Sandra was thinking of something that would be easy for the shrunken woman to do. Wanting to reward Tom for the night before, she asked Dayanna to attend to his cock. Hearing this the tiny girl was surprised, but also happy to know that her last task could be fun for her too. She crawled over to Tom and started to stroke his dick with her hand. Quickly he became hard as she stopped herself and brought her head down to him. With his penis in her mouth, Dayanna started to give Tom the perfect blowjob. She licked up and down his shaft and gulped his shrunken hard on easily. This went on for a few minutes until Sandra demanded something to be switched up. The giantess wanted to watch Dayanna please the little man using her massive tits. Eagerly, the shrunken woman positioned her body on top of Tom and placed his penis between her enormous breasts. Using her hands to control them, Dayanna bounced her boobs up and down, stimulating Tom's excited cock. The little man felt like he was in heaven as his climax started to build up quickly. In no time, Tom was unable to handle himself as he blew his load all over Dayanna's tits. Cum pumped from his dick until there was nothing left to give, ending the last order that Sandra wanted to give to Dayanna. She was happy that the tiny girl was able to endure all the way through her revenge. Casting a spell on herself again, Sandra brought herself back to her normal size. Afterwards she pointed her finger at Dayanna and Tom and started to cast again, but instead of growing them bigger, the spell caused them to fall asleep.

When Tom and Dayanna woke up they found themselves not where they expected to be. Dayanna thought her punishment was over, but to her horror she found herself an inch tall taped to a flip flop. She looked around to see Tom to her side in the same position on the other sandal. There was something that worried Dayanna about this though. Besides the fact that these flip flops had a stench that was impossible to ignore, she noticed that these belonged to Adriana. Her thoughts were interrupted as she saw in the distance a door opening. In came Adriana dressed in a bikini and back to her normal size. The giantess walked over to her two pets and teased them about what was going to happen next. She told them that she was going to go to the beach and enjoy this hot summer day, while keeping them taped to her sandal. There was nothing Dayanna could do as Adriana hovered her foot above her and slowly brought it down to slip her feet into her flip flops. From here there was nothing either of the two shrunken pets could do as they became an accessory to the giantess. They would be forced to endure Adriana's hot sweaty soles for as long as she wanted them to.

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