Found at the Gym - Chapter 8

Found at the Gym - Chapter 8

After being shrunk to about half her height Amber was furious when encountering Pete. She stormed out of Sara's room and quickly made a call to her. The two decided to sit on the couch and wait until Sara would return. When she got back she rushed over to the living room to find her mom the size of a child compared to her. Pete told her what happened with the device going off by accident and taking a heavy fall onto the ground. Sara grabbed an over sized shirt for her mom and went to get the shrink ray so Pete could examine it. They went brought it out into the dining room as the little man looked to see what kind of damage was done.

Unfortunately for them it looked like it would need some extra repairing before it would be able to grow either of them back. Amber was not happy now that she was stuck like this. The three agreed that they would use the device on her first as soon as it was fixed so he work would not suspect anything. Since it was late at night they decided to try and get some sleep, so they could try to fix their problems in the morning. Sara tried to grab Pete and take him back to her room, but Amber was not okay with that. Even though she was only half the size of her daughter she still was the one in charge. She instructed that Pete would stay out in the living room so there would be no messing around. Pete and Sara knew there was no way around it and separated from each other for now.

Back at Amanda's place, Rachel was coming by to check on the two shrunken women. She opened the bathroom door only to have Amanda trying to make an escape again. Libby stood in fear, scared of what the giantess might do if she disobeyed again. But Amanda wasn't thinking clearly. As she tried to run, Rachel shut Libby inside the bathroom and came after her. Quickly she realized the mistake she made and got to her knees, trying to beg Rachel for forgiveness. Rachel was done being the nice girl with these two. She was upset with Amanda and wanted to teach her a lesson. Grabbing the tiny woman by her leg and dangling her upside down, they walked up the stairs to the bedroom. Amanda was violently thrown onto the bed, landing on the soft blanket and recovering quickly. She turned around and tried to beg the giantess even more, but it was still no use. Right in front of her, Rachel started to undress, sending chills down Amanda's spine. It looked like Rachel finally wanted to take advantage of the situation she was in. These two shrunken women were driving her crazy, and it was time to show how dominate she really could be.

Rachel undressed herself completely and joined Amanda on the bed. Once again she tried to flee but there was no hope for her as she was easily grabbed by the giant girl as she laid on her back. The tiny woman was held up like a doll as she was brought down close to Rachel's mouth. She stuck her tongue out and started to run it down her little body, laughing about the dirty thoughts she had in mind. Amanda was put down as Rachel changed positions, getting on all fours with the shrunken woman near her rear. She ordered Amanda to start licking her butt hole if she wanted any forgiveness for now. Scared of her angry tone, Amanda got right to it, sticking her face between the giant ass cheeks and swirling her tongue around the rim. It was a disgusting task as it smelled like Rachel had not showered yet today. Reluctantly, she went on, trying to please the giantess as best as she could. 

Eventually Rachel got bored of Amanda licking her butt and started to drop her ass on the tiny girl. She moved backwards causing Amanda to be knocked over to her back. From there she ordered her pet to begin doing the same thing, only now to her pussy. Amanda started to perform her task unwillingly. She knew she had to do this or it would go on forever. The giantess was enjoying it so much that she dropped down even further, smothering her vagina into Amanda's face and rubbing it intensely like she was riding her body. This was turning her on more than she expected. What was just a punishment was becoming pleasure for the larger girl. Her body enjoyed the sensation of dominating this disobedient pet. Before her thoughts would get lost, Rachel stopped herself, deciding that Amanda had learned her lesson. She got off the tiny girl and ordered her to stay put while she would shower. Not wanting to be punished anymore, Amanda decided to be a good girl and wait for the giantess to return. She felt completely humiliated and angry, while Rachel was starting to wonder if she should try and have more fun with the girls later.

In the middle of the night the door in the living at Sara's house opened. Pete was asleep on the couch as shrunken Amber snuck out of her room to come check on the little guy. She woke him up and told him about her fantasies. Amber had always dreamed of hooking up with a smaller man. The fact that Pete and Sara seemed to be interested in each other just made this idea more hot to her. She told Pete that she wanted to have some fun with her, and that it would be kept a secret. Pete couldn't believe what he was hearing as he was dragged away from his couch and into Amber's room. Now in her room, Amber lifted her shirt over her head, revealing her half naked body to the shrunken guy. Pete started to realize just how serious Sara's mom was about her naughty thoughts. She climbed up onto the bed and ordered him to follow her. The little guy didn't want to miss this chance. Amber was a sexy woman for her age, and lately his luck had not been the best. Being able to have this opportunity with Sara's mom was just too hard to pass up. He followed the half sized woman onto her bed where he was greeted with a jaw dropping strip tease.

Amber slowly started to remove her clothes in front of Pete. Starting with her bra and then her panties. As she became naked she told Pete to do the same. Quickly he removed his boxers and approached the mature woman who laid on her stomach. Pete came up to face, already excited for what he thought might happen. Amber noticed the little man's growing erection and gently poked at it with her finger. She wanted this to be a lot of fun for both of them. At her new size, Pete was not the tiny man he was with Sara. He would be able to use his body to please this giantess in anyway she wanted. Bringing him closer, Amber started to suck on Pete's hard cock. The little guy stood as the sexy mother showed her dirty side to him. She devoured his penis and slobbered all over it, getting him ready for her enjoyment. Soon Amber ended her blowjob and pushed Pete onto his back, re-positioning herself on top of him. The giantess was now ready to start riding this shrunken man like a horse.

She descended her butt, giving Pete a memorable view as he held his penis up, ready to insert it into the giantess. It slid right into her already soaking vagina as a soft moan came from Amber. Using her hips, she moved her ass up and down, riding Pete furiously. All the little guy could do was sit back and enjoy the sexual experience with Sara's mom. She seemed to be loving it, even though he was still small compared to her. The thought of being in control of everything made her nothing but moist. Her pussy leaked as she continued to bounce up and down on Pete's shrunken cock. Eventually she let up and got off the little guy's body. Amber sprawled out on the bed, pointing her ass towards Pete. She wanted more, but now she wanted him to give it to him. Demanding to keep it going, Amber begged Pete to give her his cock. Without any hesitation the little man came up to the giantess and grabbed onto the side of her butt. He pulled himself in and started to fuck her from the side. Sara's mom moaned loudly, trying to not wake her daughter up as she continued to let her little friend pound her from behind. Starting to scream out more, she stopped him and sat up, but Pete was not finished with her. As she tried to get away from him, he dived down to her pussy, eating her out with his tiny head. Amber knew this had to end or they would wake Sara up for sure. She grabbed Pete's little body and pulled him into her. His cock was inserted into her once again as she pressed his shrunken figure into her until he could not hold back anymore. Pete gave in and blew his load inside Amber's thirsty vagina.

When things died down, Amber knew she would have to return Pete to the couch. She picked up the exhausted tiny man and brought him back to the living room. Placing him down gently, she gave him a kiss and said good night. Pete watched as Amber's ass jiggled while she walked away with a sexy step. What just happened between them had to stay a secret, but it was still hard to believe that it happened at all in the first place. He laid down, trying to get back to bed, but soon after he fell asleep he was awaken once again by another giant woman. This time it was Sara who quietly left her bedroom to come check in on Pete. Luckily for both of them, Amber was sound asleep from the amazing sexual experience she just had. Not able to say no to Sara's request, he willingly agreed with her to come back to her room. The two entered her bedroom, ready to have some fun together. Pete was set down on Sara's bed as she removed her night gown, showing the little guy her sexy young body. Even though he just had some fun with Amber, Pete was ready for a second round with Sara. She pinned him to her bed and removed his boxers, exposing his already growing boner. Sara didn't wait another moment before lifting Pete's body next to her and starting to give him another amazing blowjob. The little man was finally being rewarded for all of the horrible times he had gone through with Libby and Amanda.

The next morning Rachel just got done with an intense workout at the gym. Afterwards she headed over to Amanda's place with dark intentions on her mind. She thought that the two girls did not get what they deserved for treating her so poorly. The night before with Amanda really opened Rachel's eyes in terms of why Libby and Amanda might of taken advantage of the situation in the way they did. She did admit to herself that it was enjoyable to torture the two shrunken women. Rachel walked over to the bathroom and opened the door, only this time neither girl tried to run. They both didn't want to be punished anymore, but unfortunately for them, Rachel was starting to become an evil giantess. She grabbed the two girls and brought them over to the coffee table in the living room and set them down. Looking down at them with a mischievous grin, Rachel placed her gym shoes right next to each tiny girl. She told them about what she was thinking about and what she thought they deserved for being the bad little pets they were earlier. The giantess removed her shoes, revealing her smelly feet that she built up during her workout. Rachel did not wear any socks so it made it worse than it should of been for the tiny women. Libby and Amanda could not believe they were back to doing this. They thought the days were over of being forced to worship the stinky feet of the woman in charge. But now that Rachel wanted to abuse her power, they were about to be in for a new life of torture.

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