Found at the Gym - Chapter 7

Found at the Gym - Chapter 7

Sara walked into her room, hiding Pete away in her purse. She wanted to secretly get him back to her place without being seen to ensure his safety. Quickly she let him out and told the little guy how sorry she was about the shrink ray not working all the way. Pete didn't want Sara to worry though. He tried to calm her, asking her if she could put him down with the device so he could investigate further. She let Pete down on her dresser and he took a look. To his surprise it seemed that the shrinking device may just need one thing to be working again. He asked Sara if she could go to her chemistry lab and find the chemicals he needed for the main chamber. Wanting to get this done as soon as possible, Sara left Pete back in her room while she tried her best not to keep him waiting long.

At Amanda's loft, Rachel was watching the two shrunken women. Amanda tried to give Rachel attitude, but she was scolded back by the bigger girl, threatening her by raising her foot. Libby was scared to death, all she wanted was to be returned to normal. Instead of fighting with the giantess, she got to her knees and tried licking Rachel's toes. Immediately, Rachel stood up, disgusted with the tiny girl. They knew that Pete would soon fix the device and were becoming impatient with the current situation. Not wanting to deal with these bratty girls anymore, Rachel decided to put them back in the closed off bathroom. She picked each of them up in both of her hands and walked over to the door. This wasn't what she signed up for but somebody had to watch the girls until Pete could finish his task without distractions.

Back to Sara's room, she had returned with the requested chemical Pete needed. He loaded up the chamber and was excited to see the reaction go over well. While he messed with the switches Sara asked him about the shrinking device and why Pete made it. Not wanting to tell the real truth, Pete told the giantess that he wanted to do good with it, shrinking away world problems and growing food to take care of shortages. Sara liked what she was hearing from Pete and was starting to become more attached to him. In little time, Pete had the shrink ray ready to grow. He asked Sara if she could put him on the ground and fire the ray at him. He stood confidently, waiting to be hit with the device as Sara pulled the trigger. Pete was hit by the flash of light as he felt his body expand, but unfortunately the device seemed to run out of energy again after he only gained about an inch of height.

Sara got down to check on Pete only to see he was slightly bigger. She tried to say sorry to him, but the shrunken guy was not upset. Instead, Pete jumped for joy, excited to see that the device was still working properly. He didn't care that he was fully grown yet, being in the company of Sara. What mattered was that in time things would eventually return to normal. In happiness, Pete brought himself close to Sara and tried to give her a kiss on the lips, surprising her. Quickly he backed off and tried to explain himself to Sara. He did not know where that came from, but for some reason it felt right to him. Luckily for him, Sara really enjoyed the kiss. With her bigger arms, she pulled Pete close to her, puckered her lips, and gave the little man a passionate kiss on his tiny face. Pete reacted by allowing her to do this, as he was filled with joy. The two were starting to feel an intimate connection between each other being in this dire situation. And with that, they each wanted more from each other. Sara picked Pete up and placed him on the bed so she could get to know Pete better.

She started off by lifting her shirt, pulling it straight off her head. Now in front of Pete were her two gigantic boobs that perfectly laid out within his viewpoint. Pete's jaw dropped as he gazed at her body while Sara continued to undress herself. She pulled down her jeans and slipped them off her legs before kneeling next to the bed in her panties. Wanting to turn the attention, she lifted Pete's leg easily with her finger and started to peel off his shoes. She told Pete to let her know if he was experiencing any fear. Loving where he was at, Pete allowed her to go on, as she undressed the tiny man. Now naked, Pete looked up at Sara's beautiful face wondering what she would do with him. The thoughts excited him as his erection started to grow. Sara noticed and begun by playing with it between her thumb and finger. Now hard as a rock, Pete braced himself as Sara dipped her head down, starting off with a blowjob from her giant mouth. Pete was in heaven as this went on, he felt as if she would make him cum quickly, but before anything would happen Sara would stop and stand up once again.

This time as she stood up, Sara dropped her panties, revealing the rest of her bare naked body to her little man. She joined Pete on the bed, positioning him between her legs. Sara wanted the shrunken guy to fuck her. She understood he would not be able to perform at his current size, but all she wanted to feel was his love. Pete closed in and inserted his hard cock into Sara's giant vagina. He began to hump, hitting the top of her wall while rubbing his body against her clit. This stimulated Sara more than she thought as she played with her pussy with her fingers while the little guy fucked her. Pete was really enjoying his time giving Sara everything he had. The giantess also was not expecting this much pleasure from such a small man. As she played with herself thoughts of making real love with Pete rushed through her mind. She loved this intimate time with the little guy, but it was soon interrupted by a knock on the door.

Suddenly they had to stop and Sara pulled the blankets up over them as the door opened. Sara's mother Amber entered the room wondering if her daughter had already left. When she saw that she was still there it angered her. Amber had prepared an interview for Sara that was supposed to happen soon, and seeing her daughter hiding underneath the covers not prepared yet made her upset. She accused Sara of masturbating, angry that she would be doing such a thing at such a bad time. Sara tried to argue back against her mom, yelling at her to leave so she could get ready. Amber left the room and Sara pulled the blankets off so she could get ready, ending the moment she was having with Pete. In a panic, Sara was worrying about getting to her interview but at the same time leaving Pete alone for so long. Pete told her not to worry and to calm down, he knew he could handle himself alone in her room while she was gone. She continued to get dressed into something professional and started to realize Pete was right. Sara bent down and gave Pete a kiss on his face before running off, leaving the shrunken man alone in her bedroom.

A few hours had passed and Rachel was waking up from a nap in Amanda's bed. She thought now would be a good time to check in on the shrunken women locked in the bathroom. Walking downstairs, she turned on the lights and opened the door. Unfortunately for Rachel, Libby and Amanda were ready. As soon as she opened the door they dashed out past her as Rachel was still waking up. They ran in opposite directions causing Rachel to chase only one of them down at a time. Libby ran towards the stairs as Rachel went for her, but Amanda went to the kitchen, climbing up a stool onto her counter where a big knife was waiting. When Rachel was finally able to catch Libby she looked over to see Amanda wielding the knife like a sword over in the kitchen. Now even though she was a shrunken woman, she stood a threat against the giantess.

Rachel went over to the kitchen, holding Libby in her arms tightly. When she got close Amanda screamed back at her, threatening her with the knife, warning Rachel to back off. Rachel tried to grab the knife but Amanda quickly swung it at her, causing Rachel to drop Libby onto the ground. Now with both hands free, the giantess was able to surprise the shrunken woman, slapping her in the back and knocking her to the ground. Amanda dropped her knife as she was picked up by the arm by the bigger girl. Angry at how rebellious Amanda just was, Rachel turned around and through her on the ground. Libby watched from underneath the stool as the other shrunken girl flew through the air onto the ground. The giantess was over the bratty attitudes of these shrunken women. She lifted her foot and brought it down on Amanda, pinning her to the ground before moving it up and smothering Amanda underneath her smelly toes. Rachel pressed hard until the tiny girl passed out. When she did she yelled at Libby to come pick her up and bring her back to the bathroom. After seeing the display of power, she was now afraid of Rachel and did what she said. Libby picked up Amanda and went back to the bathroom quietly as Rachel locked them back inside.

Pete waited patiently in Sara's room, wondering when she would be back. Some time had passed and soon he heard some footsteps heading in his direction. The door opened but he immediately noticed the figure was not Sara, but her mom Amber in her underwear. Amber was curious about what kind of toy she thought she heard her daughter playing with. As she walked into the room Pete jumped off the side of the bed and tried to hide underneath, getting out of sight just in time. The giant mother came in and went over to Sara's dresser where she started to dig through. From under the bed, Pete looked up at her gigantic curvy figure until he realized what she had found. Amber found the shrink ray hidden in the dresser and was wondering if it was some sort of sex toy. She played with some switches until Pete came out from under and tried to get her attention. When he did she turned around in shock and dropped the device to the floor. The shrink ray hit the ground with a loud thud, causing it to go off and zap Amber. Now at only half her size she was in a panic. Pete dug his head into his arm, worrying about how long it would take to restore Sara's mother, and now himself after hearing the device crash to the ground.

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