The Shrinking Pool - Chapter 4

The Shrinking Pool - Chapter 4

Dave awoke the next morning after spending the night as a microscopic man on Sydney's slipper. She was in her bathroom getting ready for the day. Ready to leave, she walked right by Dave, ignoring his tiny existence as he screamed up at her as she left the room. He thought he had to take his chances so he hoped off her slipper and made his way towards the door. Before he could reach it though, both of her daughters entered the room in their bikinis. He ran to the side as they stepped by him, heading towards their mom's drawer to grab some of the shrinking chemical. Ready to capture some pets, they walked right by Dave again, not noticing his extra tiny body. Knowing that everyone would be gone, Dave thought he had to try and get away while he could.

Down at the pool was a girl named Stacy who was sitting alone on the edge. In walked Rachel and Bailey with evil smiles on their faces. Before Stacy knew what was going on, she was pushed by Bailey into the pool, unaware of Bailey adding the shrinking chemical. Angry at the rudeness of the girl, Stacy shouted at Bailey before they helped her out of the water. As she got out she started to feel strange, the shrinking chemical was starting to kick in and it was affecting her. Her dizziness intensified until it faded away. When she awoke she was only a few inches tall. She looked up to find the two bratty girls towering above her. Bailey bent down and picked the tiny woman up and teased her before handing her over to her sister Rachel. Rachel took Stacy and left the pool while Bailey waited for another victim.

Bailey sat back in a pool chair and closed her eyes for a moment. A few minutes later in walked a buff looking guy named Jeff. Jeff was a body builder who had a lot of confidence to try and hit on whoever he seemed to want to. He came over to Bailey and complimented her, trying to make small talk. Bailey responded by tricking Jeff into getting in the pool. He quickly jumped in, hoping Bailey was following close by. Not before long, Jeff was starting to feel the same dizzy feeling as the girl before him. He crawled out of the pool, looking like a weak man next to Bailey. The effect shrunk him down to about half the size of Stacy. Bailey easily lifted him off the ground and started to poke fun at him. She teased his tiny body, how his muscles couldn't do anything against her single finger. At his new size Jeff was now just a weak little man with a muscular body that couldn't help him. She closed her fist and left the pool with their second shrunken pet.

Back at their house, Rachel was just getting started with Stacy. She threatened her wrath upon her, trying to scare her into obeying the giantess. Her first command was to kiss her toes. Rachel lifted her feet up on the table that Stacy was on and tilted her toes down to her level. Worried about what would happen if she waited, Stacy dove right in and started to lick and kiss the gigantic toes just like she was ordered to. This went on until Bailey came into the room with the other shrunken pet. She dumped Jeff down on the table next to Stacy. Stacy and Jeff actually knew each other from before, as they dated for a few months previously. The girls were excited to see how they would compete to stay alive. Wanting to get her own pet, Bailey left Rachel with the two tiny people so she could have her way with them.

Rachel yelled down at her pets, ordering them to undress. As they striped naked, she slipped off her sandals and plopped her feet up next to them. The smelly odor of her feet started to take over the air as they were instructed to begin worshiping the bottom of her foot. Stacy and Jeff got right to it, massaging the best they could with their tiny arms while licking and kissing the salty foot. Eventually she lowered her toes down, forcing each of them to transition into taking care of her soles and toes. Rachel was very pleased by the performance of the two tiny people. She took them between her toes and rolled their bodies around until she was bored of it. Now she picked them up and thought about what they could do next.

The giantess brought over a side table and placed Jeff and Stacy on it. Now she was close to eye level with her two pets. Rachel wanted to reward both of them for doing such a good job on her feet. She ordered Stacy to start dominating Jeff with her feet. Twice as tall as Jeff, Stacy stuck her foot out and forced it into Jeff's face. He knew he had no other choice but to worship it as Rachel watched the two play around like she wanted to see. She told Stacy to be more aggressive, telling her to knock him on his back and to smother him harder. After being knocked on his back, Jeff was starting to feel aroused from the control Stacy had over him. Rachel could see his growing boner and had a naughty idea for the two. She demanded that Stacy would rub his hard penis with her foot. Jeff was embarrassed that he was enjoying this, but the little man tried to just enjoy this offer that was presented for him. Before he could cum Rachel ordered Stacy to stop.

Wanting to continue the fun, Rachel had a new game for Jeff and Stacy. She wanted to watch her two tiny slaves fuck. Stacy was ordered to get into doggy position as Jeff got behind her. Excited to have sex with his ex-girlfriend Jeff was ready from before. He grabbed her hips and started to thrust his shrunken penis inside her. Stacy tried her best not to show she was enjoying it, but eventually she couldn't help herself and started to moan. Rachel watched the two go at it until she was starting to become bored. She ordered Jeff to get to his orgasm quickly, telling him to cum into Stacy's mouth. He pulled out and stuck his dick in her mouth until he pumped his load all over her tongue. Stacy spit out the cum as Jeff collapsed in enjoyment.

Rachel was not happy after she saw Stacy spit Jeff's cum out. She was expecting her little pet to swallow his load. Angry with her, she picked her up by the arm and told her she would be punished for acting her behavior. Stacy tried to beg, sorry for what she had just done, but it was no use. Rachel wanted to show them what happens when you anger the goddess. Rachel brought Stacy's body up to her mouth as she licked her body up and down. Eventually she started to push the tiny woman's body into her mouth as she screamed for forgiveness. Stacy's efforts were worthless to her as Rachel flicked her tongue back, sending Stacy to the back of her mouth. She swallowed heavily, gulping down the tiny woman without chewing. On the outside Jeff watched in despair as his ex-girlfriend was eaten alive. Rachel put out her hand so he could walk into it, warning the little guy never to disobey her if he didn't want to suffer the same fate.

After her day out, Sydney returned to the pool in her bikini.

Only this time she was not on the hunt for little pets. Today she just wanted to relax. As she walked by, Jack waved his arms up at the gigantic woman. He had somehow shrunk down to one inch tall and was desperately trying to get help from someone. Sydney passed by him, slamming her flip flop next to him, showing him the extreme power her unaware body had. He realized he could be crushed into nothing by accident if he didn't watch himself. The tired mother sat back on a chair with her feet planted on the ground. Knowing this was his chance, Jack ran over and tried to punch her little toe in attempt to get her attention. When the giantess started to look down Jack thought he was saved, but unfortunately for him Sydney was not in the mood to help the shrunken man. She teased him about his size and how she just wanted some time alone. Sydney stood up from her chair and towered above tiny Jack who looked all the way up to see her entire figure. The giantess lifted her foot and held her foot over the little guy before bringing it down on him without giving him any chance. The shrunken people at the pool were starting to become more disposable, as Sydney and her daughters carelessly treated them like little bugs.

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