Land of Magical Ladies - Chapter 3

Land of Magical Ladies - Chapter 3

Following the ending of chapter 2, Camila makes her way back to her room with her newly shrunken pet Dayanna. Dayanna had never been shrunken down to a doll size before so this way all new to her. She was placed on Camila's bed as she put her foot down before starting to remove her clothes. The giant lady striped down and joined her tiny naked slave on the bed. She picked her up and set her down on her mouth, sliding her tongue around her little vagina. Dayanna began to think that she could have some fun in this and allowed her body to enjoy the sensation. When Camila stopped, she asked the tiny woman to worship her nipple in return. The shrunken girl did as she was told and licked on Camila's waiting nipple. Horny from all the action, Camila had her legs spread, rubbing herself as the tiny woman worked on her nipple. But this was not enough for her, she wanted more from the doll sized woman.

Camila picked Dayanna up and began to position her body right outside her wet pussy. She screamed out, begging not to be put in there, but there was nothing she could as the giant woman forced her tiny body inside her. Dayanna squirmed around like a fish, trying to escape, but causing pleasure to Camila during it. The giantess continued to rub her clit as the tiny doll struggled inside her vagina. Eventually the sensation was too much, and Camila came to an orgasm. Having the tiny girl inside her made everything so much more intense. She let the girl out of her pussy and watched as she begged to be resized. Camila was happy with the way Dayanna performed and agreed to grow her back if she would worship her feet for a little. Dayanna did as she was told and licked the soles of Camila. After awhile she had an idea, Camila wanted Dayanna to get revenge on Adriana for not watching over her pet properly. She grew her to an amazon height and ordered her to go dominate Adriana, who was stuck at only 4 feet tall. Dayanna happily agreed and left the room after giving Camila what she wanted.

Out in the living room, Adriana was toying with her pet Tom. She was happy to reunite with her little guy as she dangled him over her mouth, bringing his shrunken penis into her mouth. Dayanna walked into the room and interrupted the two. She walked to the front of the couch and grabbed Adriana by her arm, easily lifting her into the air. Dayanna poked fun at her friend, touching her nipple and taunting her with her size. Adriana was thrown to the floor and ordered to stand up so they could compare their heights. She got up quickly to realize her head only came up to the bottom of Dayanna's butt now. The amazon sized girl was loving this power she had over her friend who got her shrunken down. They sat on the couch with Adriana in her lap, pulling her body back into her breasts. Tom who was down at her feet instinctively started to worship her soles that were in front of him, not trying to anger this goddess who seemed to enjoy abusing her size. 

Adriana was put on the ground and shrunk to a smaller size so that she would only be 3 times the size of Tom. Dayanna wanted to watch the two tiny slaves have some fun with each other. She ordered Adriana to get on her knees, so Tom could fuck her doggy style. Tom was the right height to be able to fuck Adriana while standing up. He started by inserted his cock in her and began pumping like Dayanna ordered. The two really enjoyed this as they were used to spending a lot of time together, but the fact that Dayanna was forcing it upon them made it feel different. After some time went by, Dayanna ordered Adriana to make Tom cum with her toes. She stopped Tom from fucking her and sat on her butt, stretching her legs out. In a short amount of time Tom came to his orgasm as he came on Adriana's toes that squeezed on his dick. Dayanna picked Adriana up and licked the cum off her feet before putting her back on the ground and regrowing her to her 4 foot size.

Watching all this action had got Dayanna wet and excited. She picked Tom up herself and ordered Adriana to start licking her feet. Adriana did as she was told without a choice as Tom was lifted up towards Dayanna's mouth. Like earlier, he was about to receive a blowjob from a giantess, but this time it was from Dayanna. She started to suck on the little man's cock as she rubbed her own vagina. Having the two pets to play with was turning her on beyond her control. As Adriana ran her tongue around her toes, she continued to lick the tiny man's dick. Tom was not able to hold back any longer as he let out another load of cum onto Dayanna's tongue. This lined up with her orgasm perfectly as the two enjoyed their climaxes. Adriana was annoyed with the way her friend was treating her as she shouted at her to get her feet out of her face. Dayanna was exhausted from the intense orgasm she just had with her two pets. She laid down on the couch and trapped Adriana between her arms. But she forgot about Tom who was on the couch with her and free.

Wanting to get revenge on her friend, Adriana asked Tom if he could go let her sister Sofia know about what was going on. She shrunk Tom down to only a few inches to he would be able to fit underneath the door and pleaded for him to hurry up before Dayanna would wake up. Quickly, Tom started to run off until he made his way into Sofia's room. When the little man arrived in Sofia's room he could see her on the bed. Sofia had just got back from the gym and was talking to her friend on the phone about the things she would do with shrunken people. Her bare feet hung off the bed and were radiating a foul smell from her workout. Tom found a place where he could climb up and made his way onto her bed. As Sofia continued to talk on the phone, Tom came within her sight and screamed out for help. Sofia immediately recognized Tom, but didn't prioritize him first. She acknowledged him, but dropped him onto the floor and swung her legs over so she could play with him under her feet as she went on with her phone call. Tom was rolled around like a toy until Sofia was finished so she could give him her attention. The little man explained the situation to the younger sister, but she was not able to help. Her spells had not reached the power they would need to do anything, so she told Tom to get help from their mother instead. She helped him get to her room, but allowed him to do the rest himself.

When Tom came into Sandra's room he found her shrunken down to 2 feet tall with another woman. Earlier Sandra was out on a date with a woman named Hannah who was never introduced to shrinking people before. She liked the idea of toying with the latina woman. Not trying to seem like a pervert, Tom hid himself away as the two had some fun together. Hannah ripped off Sandra's underwear and started to eat her little pet out as she laid on her back on the bed. Sandra loved the sensation Hannah was giving her and wanted more. The giant woman got up from the bed and started to remove her clothing. They were now both naked on the bed, ready to have some real fun. Hannah laid her bare body back as Sandra closed in. She briefly stuck her arm in her pussy, before crawling up to kiss her breast. Hannah wanted to give Sandra the attention she thought she deserved. She picked up the tiny woman and brought her close to her mouth and continued to eat her out while fingering herself. The two women were in pure ecstasy, enjoying each other's bodies as they were. They continued on with this until Tom found his courage to approach the bed.

The two ladies paused for a moment when they saw the tiny men on the floor. They were unhappy to see that someone was spying on them, scaring Tom off. He tried to run, but it was useless as Hannah stood up from the bed and chased him down. She knocked him over with her foot and pinned him to the ground before picking him up and bringing him to the bed. She put him on the bed next to Sandra, who knew the little guy from the night before. Sandra placed her foot on Tom's cock and started to play with it like she did last night. She did not want Tom to mess with the flow between the two women. They wanted to continue having fun so she picked Tom up and stuck him inside Hannah's vagina. From there she slid him back and forth like a dildo, making Hannah scream in pleasure. Eventually Tom was completely left inside the giant pussy as Sandra crawled up Hannah's enormous body. They got close and kissed each other passionately, wanting the evening never to end. 

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