Into Her Care - Chapter 1

Into Her Care - Chapter 1

James and Rachel were a young couple who were finishing up with their workout at the gym. Mysteriously, James found himself shrunken down to a doll size by unknown forces. He was seeking help and knew his girlfriend was in the locker room changing still. Rachel walked out of the shower booth as James hid below a bench, waiting for the right time to make a move. She sat down in her underwear and started to unpack her bag looking for something to wear. James waited patiently down by her feet, still hiding underneath the bench out of her sight. He was worried he might be crushed if he surprised her, so he waited until she dressed herself completely and dropped her shoes on the ground. When Rachel started to reach for her shoes, James thought it was the perfect chance to run out and start yelling. He scrambled to the middle of the floor and yelled for his girlfriend to notice him. Luckily for him, she noticed him, in complete shock of his new size.

Rachel got down on the ground to join the little man, making slow movements to be careful around him. She picked him up, allowing him to sit in her palm so they could try and figure out what happened. It was late in the day so they thought it would be best to go back to her place. James was placed into Rachel's purse to ride in, as the two made their way home with the shrunken man hidden from the outside world. They got back to her dorm quickly and let James out of her purse. From there they discussed plans for the next day, but James was acting strange, giving Rachel a harsh ungrateful tone. She did not like how the tiny man was treating her, after all she was just trying to help her boyfriend out. Before things got out of control, she distanced herself from the room, leaving James on her desk as she went out to get something to eat.

Not in the right mindset, James thought he needed to escape his girlfriend. He climbed down the desk, jumping to the chair and easily letting himself fall to the floor. It wasn't long though before Rachel returned to the room with a piece of toast and water. Still wanting to get away from her, James tried to hide in the dark area under the desk. Rachel was surprised not to see James waiting for her. For a second she was worried and thought someone might have come in while she was gone. She looked around for him to finally find him disobeying her. She picked up her shrunken boyfriend and scolded him for trying to escape, warning him of how much worse other girls could be. Her intentions were only good, as she was a sweet girl just trying to help out James. Thinking he was confused from the shrinking, she ordered the little man to eat and drink up to see if it would help him out.

The tiny man ate some of the toast and started to feel better instantly, being hungry must of changed the way he was thinking. He knew it was wrong of him to treat his girlfriend the way he did earlier. Being the small one in this situation, it was hard to control his emotions. He thanked Rachel for being so ungrateful earlier and allowed her to do what she had to do to help him out. It was getting late though, and Rachel started to undress herself back into her underwear. James watched from the desk as his sexy girlfriend removed her shoes, pants, and shirt. She was left in her bra, panties, and socks. Not wanting to crush him while they slept, Rachel put the tiny man up on her roommate's bed. She knew nobody would come in the middle of the night as the other girl she lived with would be on vacation. The two laid down and turned off the lights, falling asleep after the long day.

In the middle of the night, James found himself awake. He could not explain why, but he was hornier than usual. The shrunken man stared over at his gigantic girlfriend who was sleeping peacefully on the other side of the room. For some reason he felt oddly attracted to her giant body, it was like it was a fantasy living inside him he did not know about. Not able to resist, he jumped off his bed onto the night stand and made his way over to Rachel. He climbed up her blanket and walked towards her. Rachel was sleeping with her socks outside her blanket, drawing James near them. For the longest time he had wanted to tell Rachel about his love for her feet, but never could. He had never had the chance to be this close to them either, so he walked towards the end of her bed to be one on one with them.

As Rachel slept quietly, James begun to masturbate. The thought of getting himself off while his gigantic girlfriend was sleeping unaware of all of this was getting him excited. He could not control himself and got closer to her socked foot to sniff her sole as he rubbed himself with his hand. He gently banged his cock on her sleeping feet until he noticed she was starting to move. James backed off for a second only to see that Rachel was just adjusting herself in her sleep. He went back in on her standing foot and gripped it tightly and begun to thrust his dick into the soft socked foot. He was starting to feel crazy, but he was enjoying this more than ever. It wasn't long until the little man let go of his load, blowing it all over the bottom of Rachel's arch. Afterwards he ran back to his bed and laid down, going back to sleep satisfied after an intense sexual experience with his girlfriend's feet.

The morning came and Rachel woke up before James. She got out of bed and saw her shrunken boyfriend resting peacefully. Unknown of the things he did last night, she wanted to get ready for the day. Rachel dressed herself in a sexy tank top and shorts for the hot summer day with some sandals. She wanted to take James to a doctor so they could find out what was going on with his body. The little man awoke to the sound of his girlfriend's voice and agreed with the plan to get help with his condition. Once again he was placed in her purse as they left Rachel's dorm room, on their way to and urgent care center.

Rachel waited in the doctor's room, holding her purse in her lap. In walked in a mature nurse named Alice. Nurse Alice sat down in her chair and asked Rachel what was the reason for her visit. She started to explain the situation and removed James from her purse, exposing the shrunken man to the middle aged woman. She was completely surprised by what Rachel had to show her. Never in her entire career had she seen something like this before. Immediately, nurse Alice started to search her computer for any previous clients that might of had a similar condition, but nothing was found. She had no idea what to do or what she could do in regards to James' circumstance. She tried to politely tell Rachel she might need to go somewhere else because there was nothing she could do.

A little angry about what nurse Alice just said, Rachel started to shout back at the nurse. It was a dark situation to be in, and not being able to get help from somewhere made her furious. She picked James back up and put him in her purse and stormed out. The nurse did not like the attitude of the young girl, telling her to try somewhere else and to never come back here. They went back to Rachel's room and took James out so they could discuss more options about what to do.

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