Enhanced Position - Chapter 1

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Ben and Christine are a newly married couple who were coming home after a night out. They had a great time so far and could not keep their hands off each other as they walked back towards their room, stopping for a kiss in the process. They enter their bedroom and start to undress, getting down to their underwear and both knowing exactly where the rest of the night was heading. Christine teased her husband at first, wanting to get him excited before going further. But before they would go all the way she made a suggestion to her husband. She asked if he wouldn't mind going to make them another drink. Wanting to keep the night going as it was, he happily agreed and left the room as she waited for him.

Now in the kitchen, Ben searched for his ingredients to get started. But for some reason everything was missing, it was as if his step-daughter got into his stash again. He decided to look elsewhere, but as he walked around the house Kate came out of her room. It was late and she wanted to confront her step-dad for waking her up. Angry from other previous things, Kate decided that this was enough. She pointed her finger at Ben and started to cast a spell. A pink light blinded her step-dad as he started to shrink down to a third of his size. When Ben was able to see again he did not believe his eyes. Kate was a giantess compared to him, and his first thought was to try and run back to Christiine. But as he tried to escape, his step-daughter was able to easily catch him. She stepped down on his back with her foot, knocking him over and pinning him to the ground. Afterwards she picked him up and explained what was really going on. She wanted her revenge and now they were heading back to her room.

They entered Kate's room as Ben tried to yell and scream for help. He needed to get back to his wife, but right now his step-daughter had him under her control. She threw the little man down on the ground and stomped down on him with her socked foot, drowning out the noise and muffling him from making anymore. Kate warned her step-dad that she would shut him up herself if he wouldn't stop whining. Wanting to get the foot out of his face, Ben stopped struggling and instead awaited to see what Kate might have in store for him. She asked him to follow her over to her computer, and instead of making her angry, he agreed. He sat on her lap as she turned on something on the screen. The video was of Kate with what looked to be a doll sized shrunken guy. It was her boyfriend who had gone missing a few weeks earlier. Kate was recording this to demonstrate how serious Ben should take this situation. In the video you could see her boyfriend crying out for help, but the giantess refused to stop. She was upset with him and proceeded to pummel the little man with her foot. Like a bug, he was crushed and the end of the video showed his blood flowing across the ground.

As he sat in his step-daughter's lap, Ben was shocked. He could not believe what he just watched. If Kate was trying to send a message, she did. This scared Ben to death and he knew he would have to obey whatever the giantess would want. Now that it was over, Kate through the shrunken man on the ground and stretched out her legs towards him. She ordered him to start with a massage on her socked foot. Reluctantly, Ben got to work, although it was difficult to breath with the stench of her feet. He could really smell the odor radiate as she sat back and let him get to work. But Kate wasn't satisfied with feeling his hands on her feet with her socks on, so she started to remove them, peeling them slowly off as they were stuck on. When they came off, you could see that her feet were still sweaty from being trapped in the warm cloth for so long. The smell intensified and Ben thought he could not continue. Kate saw how hesitant he was and took it upon herself to knock her step-dad onto the ground, planting her foot on his chest. She teased him with her toes, shoving her big one in his mouth. It was humiliating, but the little guy knew he would have to play along or something worse might happen.

Kate wanted to lay down and relax, so she went over to her bed and ordered Ben to follow her. Afraid of her threats, the shrunken man didn't disobey. He climbed and started to kiss and lick her soles while she laid on her stomach. This was what the giantess wanted, to be worshipped by her step-dad against his will. She allowed this to continue for minutes on until she got bored and threw him back down on the ground. Using her magic again, she decided to shrink Ben down to the size of a bug, as she wanted him to be easy to put away from the night. After reducing him again, they both heard some footsteps outside of the door. It was Christine, who was looking for her husband. She came into her daughter's room and asked her if she heard of anything. Lying to her mom, Kate denied seeing Ben at all. She hid the fact that he was the size of a bug on the floor. As they talked to each other, the shrunken man put in all his efforts to reach his giantess wife. He ran over to her slipper and climbed on, trying to get her attention. But he was not able to in time and she started to walk off. Lucky for him, he was able to grab onto one of her toes and ride back to their bedroom.

When Christine got into her bedroom, she kicked off her slippers and laid back down in bed to wait for Ben. She was completely unaware of how small he was and that he was trying to get her attention. Now on the ground, the little man knew he had to get to his wife. He started to climb up the bedsheets, but by the time he got anywhere, Christine was fast asleep. Being so small it took him forever to make his way to her. Finally he made it to her feet underneath the blankets. But when he saw exactly how big her toes were now, and how smelly they were, he knew he would need a new plan. He ventured up her body, taking in views of every part of her from her giant ass to her breasts. Ben knew he would have to climb up and get Christine's attention at her face. After some time, he reached her neck while she rolled over. This seemed to be it for the little guy. He made it to her neck and climbed up onto her mouth. But now it was too late as he heard the door crack open. Kate was coming in to look for him, and with Christine fast asleep, she would never know.

Kate went right over to where Ben was and looked down, feeling incredibly lucky that he was this easy to find. Using her two fingers, she plucked him from her mom's mouth and held him close to her face. She was angry for this escape attempt and made it clear that there would be punishment to come. They went back to her room and went immediately over to Kate's bed. She sat down and dropped Ben down by her feet before pummeling him underneath them. Now the smell and sweat were intensified as the bug sized man was violated underneath his step-daughter's toes. If this was the first night of hell then life from now on was going to be very tough for the little guy. Kate had enhanced her position and now her step-dad was completely under her control.

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