After School Activities - Chapter 5

After School Activities - Chapter 5

Mrs. Johnson quietly slept with her tiny pet trapped within her panties. It was Karl who had spent the last week with her, but today was the day he could not take it anymore as he decided to try and make an escape attempt. The little guy managed to crawl out of his captor's underwear and immediately started to run towards the edge of the bed. But before he could make it, the giantess started to move and his heart sank. Seeing as she was waking up, the shrunken man approached Mrs. Johnson's feet and started to massage them, hoping that he could make it seem as if he weren't trying to run. When his teacher realized what was happening she happily agreed to let him pamper her feet and sat in bed and enjoyed this gesture. But after some time went by, she remembered what she told Karl and decided to punish him for trying to run from her.

She smothered him underneath her foot on the bed and grabbed his head between her toes in anger. Karl screamed out for mercy, but the goddess didn't show any as she dropped him and stood up, pointing her giant ass right at him. Before the little guy could do anything, he found himself underneath Mrs. Johnson's butt. She playfully grinded on him, giving his body more pressure than maybe she should of. Quickly this knocked him out and as the giantess went to look at what was wrong with him she was disappointed to see this. With an extended detention on her mind, Mrs. Johnson decided to put Karl back inside of her panties and get dressed for a workout. Now she had him secure and left her home on her way to the gym.

When Mrs. Johnson arrived at the gym the first thing she wanted to do was go for a run. She went over a treadmill and started it up, getting right to her jog. It didn't take long for her body to get warm, and that meant that her ass was even hotter. Trapped between her cheeks, Karl was forced to endure the dark sauna that was Mrs. Johnson's booty. The humid air was torturous, but all he could do was endure until it was over. After running for a few miles she decided to stop and take her little pet out to check on him. Just like she wanted, Karl was still conscious, and since Mrs. Baker was not here yet at the gym, the giantess dropped Karl on a bike seat and sat down on him, starting to peddle on the stationary bike while she waited for the other teacher.

Eventually Mrs. Baker walked into the gym, dressed in a similar outfit as her co-worker. She went over to the stationary bike and asked where Karl was. To her surprise, she was told he was underneath Mrs. Johnson's ass. Mrs. Baker looked down to see the poor little man begging for help. Showing him some temporary mercy, she took him out and held him in her hand as the two mature women discussed what to do with him next. Mrs. Johnson told Mrs. Baker about her new plan to break the shrunken guy mentally. She wanted to force him to feel pleasure so many times that he would be begging for it by the time he was trained. To make things worse, she had a sick twist that Karl would soon find out about, and it would haunt him like he wouldn't believe.

They went over to a yoga mat and dropped Karl right in the center. The two ladies stretched next to him, purposely displaying their butts to the little guy, giving him a show in the process. Karl was very concerned as to what their plans might actually be and when Mrs. Baker sat next to him they proceeded. Mrs. Johnson took her phone out and adjusted Karl's profile to grow him to a larger size. After being grown he was now about the size of a doll, or a foot tall. This way, they could actually play around with him and feel every part of his body now instead. Things started off quick as he was pinned down with Mrs. Baker approaching him with her giant ass. And without warning the giant teacher dropped down on the little man's face, smothering him underneath her butt.

On the other end, Mrs. Johnson started to poke at Karl's shrunken penis. She used her fingers to gently stroke him, getting him hard in less than a few moments. But it was when Mrs. Baker felt the time was right, is when things changed up for the worse. The giantess had been holding a fart back, and finally released it into Karl's face. The shrunken man felt the wave of air invade his space and fill his lungs with toxins. It was horrendous and he felt as if he could not breathe. But while he struggled underneath this unlivable cloud of gas, Mrs. Baker took over and continued to play with Karl's cock. She rubbed her sweaty gym pants all over him, grinding him underneath her ass while he inhaled her powerful odor. The giantess did this until Karl could not hold back any longer. While choking on Mrs. Baker's smelly fart, the little man also came to his climax. Cum unloaded from his dick while his brain begged for oxygen. All of this strangely translated into an orgasm that felt insanely good. When things finally calmed down, Karl collapsed due to exhaustion. Laughing at his situation, the two women were happy to see that their plan was going well.

Later that night after the whole day had passed, Karl found himself waking up in Mrs. Johnson's bedroom once again. He slept like a baby for the first time after experiencing a life-changing orgasm only moments before passing out. He also found himself grown to about a third of his normal height. This was because the giantess wanted to also be able to play with his cock easily. Not a minute went by before horror came back to the little man as he heard someone coming. It was Mrs. Johnson walking from her bathroom, wearing nothing but a long shirt. She joined Karl in the bed and pushed him over, instructing him that it was time for another round. Despite only being awake for less than a minute, it was time for the shrunken guy to endure cruel game brought on by his giantess captor.

Mrs. Johnson held Karl down and began to suck on his flacid penis, instantly getting him excited. She teased him for a few more moments until she decided it was time to kick things up a notch. The giantess stopped and removed her shirt, revealing her naked body to the little man. Even though this was the woman who put him through so much torture, Karl couldn't help but be attracted to the goddess. She lowered her body down on him as if she were going to ride him cowgirl style. And a few moments later they got to it as she inserted his shrunken dick into her pussy and began to bounce up and down on him. This was driving Karl insane, and he wished he would just cum right now before things would turn for the worse. But before he could, Mrs. Johnson did the same thing as her co-worker did earlier and released a built-up fart right into Karl's face. He started to lose air once again as the giantess continued to stimulate his cock. Stroking him with her fingers and then taking him cock into her mouth again, Mrs. Johnson was having a blast. And when Karl was about to blow, she stuck his dick between her ass cheeks and grinded on him until he couldn't last any longer. The little man came once again to the smell of one of these mature women's farts. It was once again a powerful orgasm that haunted him, because it showed him that the giantess knew what she was doing, and that slowly over time, she would have him begging for more. Karl was now no longer held captive only by his size, but now mentally. Mrs. Johnson had a new slave, but he still had a lot of training to go through.

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